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Since a long time, we have always come up with jewellery which are outdated or which are kept due to personal reasons such as inheritance or gifted by your husband or wife which are of no use. What if you sell it to a gold buyer and in return get a good amount of cash. But you have no idea where to look for places you can visit avail cash for jewellery.

CASH FOR GOLD fulfils that service for you as we are a gold buyer who does business in used, broken and even tarnished valuables in gold, silver, platinum and diamond.


Initially, you can look up to for the nearby jewellers and merchants from your friends and family along with that you can google about the nearby places where you can visit avail cash for jewellery. Go thoroughly through the websites of the selected vendor's and don't forget the feedback section. It gives you the best image of the vendor's service. Cash for gold near me can provide you with cash then and there only in exchange of your old jewellery.

Moreover, some of CASH FOR GOLD branches you can contact in order to sell your jewellery are GURGAON, SANT NAGAR, LAXMI NAGAR, GREEN PARK, ARJUN NAGAR ETC.

Discussing the whole procedure, we buy the gold with an affirmation of a transparent technique before the customer. Starting with separating and evaluating the metal given by the customer with the help of KARAT METER. We turn out to be progressively familiar with that the buyer is really selling real or mixed gold, silver or valuable stone.

Further on, various chemical substances are used to get an estimation of the metal and give the most alluring price for it. Our association is a proficient team of an exceptionally experienced group in various different edges.


Besides, every merchant who is a gold purchaser has certain timings of their shop which typically are 10 or 11 AM to 8 or 9 PM. But, not here. You will be astounded to know that we are accessible 24x7. Indeed, that is right. For more queries, contact the details mentioned below.


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