What is attendance management system?

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Attendance software tracks and optimizes the working hours of employees while keeping a record of wages and salaries paid. Think of it as a more genial 'Mouth of Sauron' keeping a close eye on how much time employees spend on the job. With top attendance management software, you can automate the payroll process, comply with government regulations, and ensure employees receive correct recompense for overtime. Popular attendance management software has found a home in schools, colleges, and other educational institutes as well. With this system, you can keep an eye on the comings and goings of students, teachers and other school staff. It also has the nifty feature of sending an alert to parents when their child is missing from a class. Attendance management system software also helps minimize errors in bookkeeping, design graphical representations, while integrating financial analytics, business intelligence analytics and HRMS software. You can also capture attendance directly from the employee self-service portal (ESS). To prevent the misuse of ESS, you can program it so that attendance would be marked only from a specific login IP address designated to each employee.

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