How to be motivated to study?

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The books are there, your desk is tidy, you have everything you need, but you just can not get started?

What you lack is motivation to study.

 In this article, you will learn about the importance of motivation, how to set goals, how to stay motivated to study, and how important it is to have positive reasons in your study life. Read this article through to the end to understand everything correctly.

What is motivation and why is it important?

 See how exciting, the origin of the word motivation is motive, that is, for you to get motivated you need a motive.

You do not perform any activity without reason. If you are sending a message to a friend you have an idea, if you are going to work you have a reason, if you are reading this text here you have a reason.

 The most important comes now. Your goals are validated for your reasons. Therefore, you will only be motivated to study if you have well-defined goals. So I ask you, what are your study goals? Or why are you considering?

 Many people respond to these questions with "ewww, I study to stay smart," "I'm studying to graduate," "I'm studying to pass a contest." Some of these answers may seem like good study goals, but they are far from it.

The first step to staying motivated to study is to have a good goal.

The motivational power of defined goals.

Having goals keeps you focused on your activity because you will always have a good reason to study.

It sounds silly, but living without goals is leaving your life on autopilot, you do not know where you're going, it's just going. For you to achieve something, you must have good goals, and this also applies to your studies. But for this, you need to know how to create goals correctly.

A goal is only well done when it is well defined. If you are studying it is no use saying that it is for "passing in competition" or "to graduate" or "to learn a language." You have to be specific with what you want, only then you can see what you want. 

What motivates you to achieve this goal?

Just above you have read that your goals are validated by your motives. Your reasons will make you confirm or change your goals. You will have to do a thoughtful job and answer the question:

What motivates you to complete this goal?

 Knowing how to accurately define your reasons is very important for you to get more income from your studies. Recently, writers from ukessays conducted a survey in one post and found out that many people have negative reasons for achieving what they want, like "I want to pass a contest to send my boss to hell," "I want to finish my college leaving home." These motives do not have the same force as a positive motive, such as "I have a dream of being a judge, so I want to pass this contest," "I want to finish my college to practice the profession I love."

 When the reason is positive, you play in your favor. Your brain assimilates information better, your motivation to study is always more significant, and you have a few problems with stress.

 In the image below I have put a possible reason for a person who wants to be a tax auditor, notice how positive the reason is.

Believe in your goals to keep yourself motivated to study

 Now that you already have your goals, goals, and motives defined, you need to believe them. At that point, you will use your imagination to visualize yourself with your completed goal. Can you see yourself in this situation? Do you believe that it is possible to achieve this goal? If your answer is definite, then you already have the fuel needed for your motivation.

 Whenever you feel unmotivated, remember your motives and goals, take the time to visualize yourself complete with it. What will your feeling be when you achieve your goals? Feel it. By performing this practice you will be more motivated to study. Also, you have the support of your daily reward to help you maintain your motivation.


 Setting goals and objectives are critical to keeping yourself motivated to study. I have learned to set my learning goals, and I always follow them. So I know that I'm following the path I want instead of merely living without knowing where I'm going. These goals help me a lot when I'm discouraged when I think about why I'm studying; it's the significant push for me to begin reading or writing a text.

Now you have to take action. If you're ready, start studying right now, do not wait until tomorrow or the next Monday. You have to start and move on.

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