How to remove iron scorch marks from clothes?

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Some marks aren't just 'marks', but huge burns which go through the material and are irrecoverable. However, certain burn marks on natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, and others can be removed using certain uncomplicated techniques.


White clothes

The technique is simple and requires two basic liquids found in every home: ammonia and hydrogen oxide. The technique consists of absorbing a good amount of hydrogen peroxide using a cotton ball and rubbing on the scorch mark.

Then, do the same thing using ammonia. It should act for a few minutes, then soak to remove the solutions completely and repeat up to three times if needed. It's important not to let the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia solution dry completely. You should also avoid having these two components mix together in a single container because they can form toxic vapors.

Colored clothes

It's a little more difficult than white clothes because these fabrics can be more easily damaged. However, a toothbrush and vinegar can be used to remove these marks.

So, this is my advice how to remove iron scorch marks from clothes. Stop ironing immediately and apply one of the above techniques! But remember, nothing is foolproof and some fabrics may simply be burned beyond repair.

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