8 Tips On Becoming A More Creative And Productive Writer

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With passion and appropriate skills, writing can be enjoyable. With a strong idea, creativity, and commitment, you can write your dream book or any other write-up. However, there are various inevitable distractions; for example, your kids playing and unexpected visitors. How can you keep working and meet your goals? Below are some tips on how to be more creative in writing. 

Read A Lot

Great writers read a lot. Reading more, especially on your focused speciality, will develop your skills on how to be more creative in writing. When reading a book, you grasp the actual events and identify the way the book is structured. You may also get new ideas, inspiration and drive for your work's success. This will also help you to understand what your readers want. 

Develop Writing Routines

Writing routines are important for productivity. Find a routine that works and stick to it. You can set a fixed number of hours per day or a certain time of the day like early mornings or late evenings. Alternatively, set a fixed number of words that you can write per day. 

Choose A Genre

An appropriate genre will ease the task of the productive writer keen on crafting excellent write-ups. However, some authors write in more than one genre, but if you choose a particular one, it will be easier to read, research and monitor its trend.

Eliminate Distractions

The productive writer reasonably focused on meeting his/her goals, always eliminate distractions. Due to technology, social media, browser windows, and other noises may disrupt your workflow and routine. You can use headphones, or work early in the morning or late in the evening. 

An Outline

It is important to outline your work. Some writers don't include outlining. However, if you outline the work, it will be easier to write the body of your write-up. Get enough details on characters, scenes, or events. Proper writing is important to professional writers and college students. For college students, some write-ups such as assignments can vary in formats, so this website may provide further assistance for students

Note Taking

Since ideas can pop up, have writing materials such as notebooks, recording devices or free apps in your computer or smartphones to record them. This will be easier instead of trying to recall them later. Keep the materials with you to be used when needed. Alternatively, keep a journal for recording various observations and ideas. 


You can have innovative teams with whom you can hold brainstorming meetings aimed at how to be more creative in writing or being the productive writer. From various ideas generated, build upon each one. Later, follow up on your progress with your teams.


Research that the productive writer does is helpful in nonfiction writing. This will provide accurate details, so use all available resources and resource persons. With a well-researched topic, you will create a good nonfiction book. 


Working on how to become more creative in your writing will help in meeting your goals. Preparation is key. With these tips, you can always stick to the writing task successfully, enjoy the process, and craft a great piece of writing.

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