DIY Paintings Are The Best Thing To Do

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DIY Projects

This is an Era of DIY Projects. Everyone comes up with unique ideas to show creativity. DIY projects has no limits. You can choose anything & show your creativity to make it useful. You can make new things from wasted old things or repurpose an existing thing. You can come up with an idea that how one product can be used in many useful ways.

Benefits Of DIY Projects

DIY Projects have many benefits. They help in mental growth of kids & benificial as well for adults. Children learn how to create useful things out of waste. You can teach them team work by doing DIY Projects in groups. These projects may provide you art pieces for your home decoration. They also provide many useful household things or give an idea to repurpose anything available in your home. It doesn't need to have a professional perfection but just a way to present your creativity.

DIY Paintings are also very famous these days. The most common types of DIY Paintings are

  • Diamond Paintings
  • Paint By Numbers Paintings
Both types of paintings are very easy to work on. You just have to purchase your DIY Painting Kit & you are ready to create your own master piece. Painting Kits have simple instructions set attached with them that are very easy to follow.
Diamond Painting Kits
Diamond Painting Kits will include: 
  • Fabric printed with design chart
  • Colorful diamonds
  • Diamond applicator tool
  • Tub of wax
  • Instruction Set
These painting kits will not include liquid paints as used in custom paintings. These paintings would be completed with colorful synthetic diamonds. You will have a pre printed canvas on which color code will be mentioned. According to that color code you will be provided tinny colorful synthetic diamonds to place them on your canvas & complete your painting. You will not require any brush to paint but a diamond applicator tool. This tool will come with the kit & also a tub of wax with which the diamonds would be placed on canvas. As you start pasting the diamonds on the canvas the original image will begin too reveal.
  • Choose one color diamonds, pour them on plate & start pasting
  • Try to start working from top to bottom
  • Use multi diamond applicator tool to paste more than one diamonds at once
  • Sit in proper clean environment while working on these painting kits.
  • Cover your canvas while not working on it
Paint By Numbers Painting Kits
Paint by numbers painting kits will include:
  • Paint Brushes
  • Numbered Paint Containers
  • Labelled Canvas
  • Instruction Set
These painting kits are very easy to use. You will be given a canvas that would be used as base for your painting. This canvas would be divided into small shapes. These small shapes will combine to make the big picture. These shapes will be marked with some numbers. Then you'll have paints in small containers sufficient to complete your painting. These paint containers would be marked with the numbers same as printed on canvas. & last but not the least yo'll be provided with a set of brushes. Big brushes would be used for biger areas whereas smallere ones would be used for minor detailing. Now just follow the simple steps mentioned upon your instruction set & keep working consistently to complete your painting.
  • Try to choose an easy painting kit at beginner level.
  • First choose one color & paint all the areas on canvas corresponding to that color
  • Wash your brush & dry it completely before dipping it into new color.
  • Place your canvas in proper lighted & ventilated area.
  • Cover your canvas when not working on it
Now simply go on the site place an order & follow these simple tips & tricks. You will be amazed that your painting would be ready soon with very little effort. Either you go for Paint By Numbers or Diamond Painting I guarantee you that you will enjoy this activity & wish to do it again & again. ilovediyart is the best online store with a vast range of paint by numbers painting kits as well as diamond painting kits.
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