Have Some Spare Time & Try Diamond Paintings

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Paint With Diamonds Art or Diamond Paintings are very famous these days. This is a unique form of painting. In Diamond Painting the whole scenarios is different from other paintings. Usually when it comes the name of painting, the first thing strikes in our mind is colors & brushes. But here I'm gonna explain about diamond painting that is totally different from other forms of painting.

What Is Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting is the form of painting in which painting is done through small synthetic diamonds instead of paints & brushes.

How To Start

Different people adopt different hobbies. But in my opinion that hobby is best which makes your spare time beneficial. Otherwise it's just a waste of time.Diamond Painting is one of those hobby which can be adopted to make your spare time fruitful.

To start a diamond painting you just need best quality diamond painting kit. The kit will include all the necessary tools & tips to work on. These painting kits will include a canvas with defined color schemes. This color scheme is printed according to the original painting that would be painted on the canvas. According to the color scheme tinny synthetic diamonds would be provided with the kit. To paste theses diamonds on canvas a diamond applicator tool & wax will be provided.

Now you just have to choose a diamond color & start pasting by applying wax on diamond applicator tool. Once you have finished one colored diamonds then move to next color. Try to work in steps it would ease the work & avoid frustration. As you will work on it you will enjoy every second of it. The completed painting would be as best as you can imagine.

Types Of Diamonds

There are three types of diamonds available in the market.

  1. Square Diamonds
  2. Round Diamonds
  3. Special Diamonds
Based on the shapes of these tinny diamonds, Diamond Paintings can be categorized into three types.
  1. Square Diamonds Drill
  2. Round Diamonds Drill
  3. Special Diamonds Drill
Mostly Square Diamonds Drill is opted beacuse it has more glossy effect on completion as compared to Round Diamonds Drill. Also Square Diamonds Drill will have less empty spaces as compared to Round Diamonds Drill. Special Diamonds Drill is that in which tinny diamonds are fancy ones.
There is a huge variety of diamond painting kits available from which you can choose your favorite ones.Therefore Diamond Painting is the best way to make your spare time beneficial & fruitfull as it is really good activity for mental & physical health.

Paint With Diamonds Art is a best online store to purchase best diamond painting kits. I've shared the pictures of round, square & special diamonds that may help you to choose best diamond painting drill for yourself. You will surely enjoy doing this form of painting. The paintings created as a result of your work will be a great addition to your home decor.

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