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Diamond Painting is a fun thing to do. It's a unique form of painting getting enormously famous now. Very healthy acctivity to keep your mind busy. At first glance the diamond paintings look so tricky to work on but this is not as hard task as it seems like. These paintings are easy to work on that any age group can work with diamond painting kits & enjoy it.

An Easy Art Form

Diamond paintings are best for home decor. Instead of buying these paintings from market, an easy way is to make your diamond paintings at home. You just have to buy your diamond painting kit & your art piece will be ready with almost no effort. No proper training or skills are required to start working on a diamond painting. The paintings are categorized from easy to expert levels. For beginners it's a wise choice to choose an easy one but with experience it would become so easy to work on tricky paintings as well. The diamond painting kits include all necessary tools & tips to accomplish a painting.

Diamond Painting Kits

In this era of technology, shoping at home has become so famous. You can buy online almost anything. alldiamondpainting is the best online store to buy diamond painting kits. These kits include a pre printed canvas, synthetic diamonds, diamond applicator tool & wax to apply diamonds on canvas. The quality of these products is always great. I've tried many kits from this store & results are always satisfactory.

The store offers a huge collection of painting kits, with highest quality & lowest prices. It would be really fun to order a painting kit & start working on it right now.

Types of Painting Drills

There are two types of painting drills available in market

  • Full Drill
  • Partial Drill

Full Drill

Full drill diamond paintings look great. Whole canvas would be covered with diamonds without any empty spaces. For beginners full drill diamond painting will not be a good option. As it requires much care & attention to accomplish this. There should be no spaces among diamonds & they should be perfectly joined with each other. It requires much experience to finish a full diamond drill with a professional finishing. Square diamonds would be a best choice for full diamond drills.

Partial Drill

Partial drill is a bit easier as compared to full drill. The painting is in such form that allow some spaces on canvas. The canvas would be pre printed & by pasting diamonds upon it picture will begin to reveal. There can be some spaces left behind as it gives a little margin as compared to full drill painting kits. In partial drill round diamonds can also be used. But if we use special diamonds it would add more beauty to the painting.

Highly Recommended

I've tried many painting kits & results are always astounding. I've shared some pictures to understand the difference between full drill & partial drill. I would recommend you to buy these painting kits & create your own master piece. It would be really fun to work on these kits & the results would be amzing

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