Guest Bedroom Makeover Tips

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In what state is your guest bedroom? If it resembles a garage more than a bedroom, it's time to make a few changes and get it ready to welcome guests. No, don't worry, you don't have to invest thousands of dollars in your guest bedroom makeover! Here are a few easy and practical organization tips and tricks that will wow your guests and make them feel right at home when they come to visit.

Step 1: Declutter

Many people use their guest rooms as an extra storage space which creates a huge problem once guests arrive. So, make sure to use a basket and collect all the items that don't belong and return them to their proper place. Maybe you have boxes of Christmas decoration and kids' toys all over the floor-these shouldn't be here ever. All one stylish and organized guest bedroom needs is a bed, bedside tables and a lamp-that's it! So, now is the perfect time to remove all the clutter and find a good and hidden place for it. The rest of your organization process will be much easier once your space is clean.

Step 2: Use bedside tables

These are a must for every bedroom, your guest bedroom included. Bedside tables serve various purposes and they boost the comfort and style of the space. They are perfect for placing all the guest necessities, but they should also complement the room. If your budget doesn't allow investing in new bedside tables, you can think outside the box and repurpose a stylish chair or a stool, use some attractive storage boxes or even give your old books a new purpose by stacking them to create a practical yet inexpensive alternative.

Step 3: Make extra storage

This is a great tip for all of us who live in a home with only two closets. If you ever find yourself short on storage, consider getting a good queen bed frame for your guest bedroom that has built-in drawers. These are perfect for storing all the extra blankets and sheets, but also some of your off-season clothing. The combination of sturdy bed frames and comfy queen mattresses will not only be super practical for your guest bedroom but also offer ultimate comfort for your visitors. The only problem you might face with this setup is that your guests might not want to leave ever!

Step 4: Add a dresser

This piece of furniture can serve double duty. If you're short on storage in your private room, use the bottom drawer to store your clothing and loose items. The rest of the dresser should remain empty and ready to receive your guests. Plus, a stylish dresser is a great aesthetic detail in your space that can make the room more homey and comfortable.

Step 5: Rearrange your closet

If you have no choice but to use the guest bedroom closet to store some of your own clothing, don't hog it! Leave at least six or seven empty hangers and a few shelves for your guests to use when they arrive and unpack.

Step 6: Clear out corners

Luggage for two people can take a big portion of your guest bedroom, especially if your space is on the smaller side. So, don't fill the room to the brim! An empty corner in one part of the room will be a perfect place to store suitcases and travel bags instead of pushing your guests to leave them in the middle of the room and jump over them every time they enter the bedroom.

Step 7: Make welcoming gifts

Make your guests feel at home by providing them with a small welcome package. You can put together a nice basket of necessities and treats for only a few dollars. For instance, leave some small hygiene products, water bottles and sweets. An extra charger and a written Wi-Fi password will also come in handy for your guests. Sometimes, they feel a bit shy to ask for things, so this little gesture will make everyone's stay much more comfortable.


Guest bedroom organization is fairly simple and cheap. If your guest bedroom has to pull double duty, make sure to use smart storage solutions, but also keep in mind your guests' needs. Don't just dump things in there and leave them until your guests arrive. This way, you'll avoid a lot of stress and embarrassing situations when you receive unexpected guests!

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