Affordable, Cheap and Budget-Friendly Dinner Ideas for Families

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If you look at the average spending of a US family, spending on food is one of the most common economic factors. In fact, many Americans families literally eat through their income, knowingly spending more than they can afford in restaurants or even groceries. One of the easiest and best ways to control this easily inflated budget category is to cook at home, and there are a ton of tasty, easy and inexpensive meals that you can prepare at home with very few ingredients and little time.

Here are eleven cheap dinner ideas for large families to inspire you to eat well, live well and save big.

Easy Tater Tot Hot Dish

Whether you've grown up in the Midwest or not, this simple hot plate made with ground beef, frozen cakes, cream of mushrooms, green beans and cheese will find a special place at dinner tables everywhere. 


Fried spaghetti

Who has not made too much spaghetti? This recipe is the perfect way to clean the fridge so that the extra pasta is not wasted. Just toss it in a pan, add the canned tomato sauce and the Parmesan cheese, and go! An easy meal made in 20 minutes with only three ingredients. Dinner is served!


Chinese Stir-Fried Egg noodles

If you feel like eating Chinese but do not want to spend the money needed to order take-out, try making your own plate of sautéed noodles. Actually, it is not too difficult to make a Chinese at home that really knows well and is within budget. Yes, cheap food recipes can also become a bit sophisticated with some creativity. It is also a winner in the easy and cheap meals for two categories that many of us are looking for! Take a look at the recipe for complete instructions. Get the recipe here.


BBQ and honey chicken

Here is a simple Asian-style chicken dish that is easy for children and very easy to prepare. Even better, you can cook it on the barbecue to get that delicious grilled flavor, and any remaining food will serve as an excellent filling for the lunch box the next day.


Ramen Vegetable Pad Thai

Not only is it an easy dinner for college students, but an instant ramen pack is also a gourmet meal that is waiting to happen. Add frozen vegetables and a simple peanut butter sauce and in just 15 minutes, you will have a Thai food pad ready to devour.


Mac and Cheese Microwaves

Macaroni and cheese made at home are one of those perfect meals for the comfort that everyone loves. But if you make a roux from scratch, shredding the cheese and baking everything in the oven seems a bit too much work, then this microwave version is for you. In just 30 minutes, you can make creamy, rich mac and cheese right in the microwave. A bite and you will be convinced for life.


Cool Ranch Chicken Cordon Bleu

A classic gourmet dish with a hint of sandwiches, this chicken cordon bleu gets a touch of extra flavor by using Doritos Cool Ranch for the coating! While it may sound a bit out there, trust us when we say you will not regret eating this cheese-flavored, crunchy and tasty dish for dinner.


Baked chicken that melts in the mouth

Greek yogurt, Parmesan cheese, and a little seasoning are all you need to create the most delicious chicken dinner. Creamy, cheesy and easy, could it improve? We do not believe it

Cheesy Italian Sausage Meat Bread

Made with Italian sausage instead of ground beef, this tasty meatloaf is filled with mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese, Italian-style breadcrumbs and topped with tomato sauce and fresh basil. This is not your mother's meatloaf, but it's probably a lot cheaper!


Baked Lemon flavored Paste

Pasta is an easy and inexpensive dinner option, but if you're tired of the same old red sauce recipes, tries this creamy, lemon-flavored pasta dish. With garlic, lemon, sour cream and parmesan cheese, this bright and citrusy dinner will surely become the family's favorite.


Slow cook cream cheese chicken

Is this chicken easy to slow cook the dinner of your dreams? Absolutely. With its creamy and rich sauce, this chicken with cheese tastes great on almost anything: mashed potatoes, rice, egg noodles, whatever. You will not be disappointed.

Whether you're cooking for two, three or a large family, it's always smart to budget your meals. And do not worry, pinching pennies does not mean you lose your taste and delight. Not when you have healthy, cheap and delicious dinners like these. The use of inexpensive meats such as ground beef helps keep costs down while adding ingredients such as frozen vegetables and canned soups are an excellent way to increase the flavor of the recipes without risking it. Beautifying cheaper foods like ramen packs with extra ingredients or using leftover roasted chicken and rice is a great way to create new gourmet style meals on the go and within your budget. And do not forget, pots and slow-cooking meals are perfect for making a large amount of food stretch for a few days or for feeding a crowd. So do not worry, eating on a limited budget is even more delicious thanks to these ideas for cheap dinners.

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