English Paper Piecing

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Jen_sewandsox Jen_sewandsox, member
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English paper piecing can be addicting.
Possible layout for the flowers.
Red flowers to embellish a bag, possibly.
English paper piecing can be addicting. English paper piecing can be addicting. Photo: Jennifer Conlon

English paper piecing is a type of patchwork where fabric is basted around a piece of paper at the size and shape desired. The fabric pieces are then whip stitched together. The paper is removed once the piece is completed. Although, in Victorian times they often left the paper in for added warmth in their final quilt.

A fantastic illustration of how this type of piecing is done can be found on flickr.

You can buy precut templates but, so far, I have just cut my own. A tip: staple the printed sheet on top of two other sheets and cut three hexagons at once (I don't recommend using more than three sheets total).

You can find great instructions and FREE hexagon templates here.


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Comments (5)

granitatogo writes: I love the idea of me quilting but am never satisfied with my sort of boring layouts. I THINK I CAN DO THIS! THANKS!
I'm going to start by making potholders, that's a good idea!
Posted: 5:53 am on January 1st
SusanElizabeth writes: Beautiful!
Posted: 5:33 am on July 4th
Jen_sewandsox writes: Pelli - thanks for your comment. I have seen this type of piecing used in everything from pillows, bags, quilted pot holders... Really anywhere you could add some form of patchwork, this works as well.

Take a look at these great examples on flickr:





Posted: 1:14 pm on June 4th
pelli writes: I think the look and technique are great, but other than a quilt, the uses are limited...ok, I've seen a pattern for a clutch purse and a candle mat, but I haven't seen alot of ways to use this great way of piecing...CD Designs has some, but it's limited.

Michaela, you look soooo familiar, I wonder why! I'm in Reno, just a bit south of you (grin)...

Posted: 9:51 pm on June 3rd
MichaelaMurphy writes: I love the look of this technique--thanks for posting it! By the way I am a HUGE Sox fan and live in Seattle.
Posted: 4:00 pm on May 29th
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