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NEET is a highly competitive entrance exam for admission to MBBS, BDS, AYUSH and other medical undergraduate seats in India. With only 60,000 seats and 13 lakh aspirants, you can understand that it is not merely an exam but rather a marathon race to the finish. So when preparing for such an exam, you need to understand clearly that you cannot prepare for NEET the way you prepare for Board Exam. Test Prep Company Oztern has launched its blog named "talks" to support NEET aspirants with the latest news, preparation tips and methods to practice question papers.

In this article, we discuss where you can find and practice such solved NEET question papers.

Good Subject Knowledge + Good Practice = Complete NEET Prep

Merely reading NCERTs and building subject knowledge alone will not help you crack NEET. To get an all-round preparation for NEET, you need self- practice with questions.

Also when I say questions, I do not mean random questions from some textbooks. Questions have to be practiced systematically in the form of chapter-wise NEET Question Papers, Mock Papers, and Previous Year Papers.

The blog "Talks" by Oztern Test Prep gives you a glimpse into how and where you can get such a practice.

Chapter-wise NEET Question Paper:

So we have already established that self-practice is essential to crack NEET and get a high rank. With a vast syllabus of 100 chapters in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, you will have a lot of questions- When to start NEET preparation? Do all chapters need to be covered? What pattern of questions needs to be practiced?

The answers to all such questions can be found in Oztern's "Talks". Read through the articles in the blog to draw preparation plans and also get advice from experts on the best chapter-wise NEET question paper platforms.

NEET Mock Question Paper:

So once you complete the chapter-wise tests, in the month of January practice with Mock Question Papers should start. This is important, so as to familiarize with the NEET exam pattern and will help you with time management.

Oztern "Talks" would help you with recommendations on the best exam simulators, relevant revision plans, college, and courses, etc. Additionally, the counselors devise elaborate revision plans that would benefit any NEET aspirant immensely.

Previous Year NEET Question Paper:

To complete any NEET preparation, it is imperative to practice the Previous Year Papers. I say this because only on practicing the Previous Year Question Paper will you be able to understand the pattern of questions being asked in NEET. This familiarity will give you an edge while preparing.

Oztern "Talks" would give you the best previous year simulators and all other recommendations to ensure an all-round preparation for NEET.

Subscribe to the newsletter by Oztern "Talks" to get apt information related to NEET and other medical entrances. All the best for your preparation.


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