What is domestic abuse?

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Most people think that domestic violence is a physical injury, but it goes beyond visible signs. Domestic violence is a form of abuse, violence, or intimidation between intimate partners or people who once were in a relationship. The perpetrator often feels the need to control the victim through violence, which results in physical or psychological harm. The effects of domestic violence make this an issue that requires public awareness. In schools, students are taught signs and forms of domestic violence to protect themselves and their loved ones. This article will discuss the different types of abuse considered domestic violence:

1) Intimidation and Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is non-physical violence. The offender uses intimidation to bring down his or her partner. This abuse is aimed at reducing the victim's self-esteem, confidence, and independence. It takes the form of yelling and blaming the partner for the problems in the relationship, controlling how they act and dress, and embarrassing them in public. Continuous psychological abuse leads to the preyed party believing what they are told. With time, their mental health is affected as they develop anxiety, depression, and even loss of confidence. This form of domestic violence is difficult to identify because it does not show signs easily.

2) Physical Abuse

This form of violence occurs when the perpetrator intentionally causes injury or trauma on the victim's body. It acts of aggressive contact like hitting, slapping, using weapons, and taking the victim hostage. Other indirect forms of physical abuse include denying the victim sleep, money, meals, or medical access. Physical assault usually begins slowly from a simple slap or hit and gradually increases to causing extreme injury or death. Most victims find it had to leave this relationship or get help because this assault has cycles of calm then violence. For students writing essays on domestic violence, you can get writing help and samples for this essay at GradesFixer.

3) Using Male Privilege

From societal structures, the male gender has been given the upper hand when it comes to leadership and decision-making. The male dominance has brought about females being abused and nothing done can be done to stop this practice. Women make the highest number of victims of domestic violence since men were brought up believing they are superior to them. Women are at risk of domestic violence. They experience things such as the objectification of women, that is, putting their partner's needs and wants before theirs. Also, society fails to intervene when the male is the abuser which shows the support for male control even when it is wrong.

4) Economic Abuse

This happens in many relationships where one party manipulates the available financial resources. It can occur when the partner limits the use of money, steals, and hides their finances or requiring their partner's paycheck. Other ways of financial exploitation include causing a partner to lose their job or spending of budgeted funds on unnecessary items.


All the above forms of domestic violence have a huge effect on the victim's wellbeing. It damages not only the individual but also the children in the family. Still, it is up to the affected party to report and seek help instead of hoping the partner will change.

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