How to heal yourself with the Lithotherapy stones?

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Most are not aware that stones can help in the process of healing. Yes! Stones can do those magic. Some of the precious and semi-precious stones will help in this case. Several cases like; stress, sleeping disorder, concentration improvement and so on can be healed with the help of the stones. Each stone has different healing power and with the help of the vibrations, it helps in the process of healing.


It is important to know what Lithotherapy is in order to know how and what kind of stones help in the process of healing. Lithotherapy is the process of healing a wounded mind/ body with the help of stone and chromotherapy. The stones used in Lithotherapy emit vibrations and energy which is observed by the body and helps in the process of healing.

How the stones are used?

The most effective and the easiest way is jewellery. One according to their requirement can choose the stone and can wear it as rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklace. It can also be used in its original form by arranging it in the room. Depending on the size and some other factors the power of healing differ. 


Most used Lithotherapy stones:

Even though there is lots of semi-precious and precious Pierres lithothérapie, listed below are the most widely used one

· Rose Quartz: It is one of the most widely used stones. The specialty of this stone is it is the stone of love. This stone helps with relationship and helps to heal a broken heart.

· Garnet: This stone helps to boost one's libido, energy, and creativity. The one who has a problem with their sex life should opt for this stone.

· Amethyst: The stone for intense spiritual growth and healing. It acts as a stress reliever and helps to overcome the conflicts.

· Calcite: This stone helps one to calm down and sort out the thoughts. This stone helps to have a clear mind.

· Lapis Lazuli: This semi-precious stone helps one to enhance their insight. Having this stone brings clarity and makes one more objective. It enhances the mind and helps one to be creative.

· Amazonite: This stone helps to heal one's inner wound. This is particularly for those who are severely hurt. This stone helps them to heal and open themselves to others.

· Quartz: The most popular and most common stone used by many. IT is available in different varieties and is mainly used for getting rid of negatives thoughts and vibrations.

Wearing these stones in any form of jewellery and having it with you provides the power of healing different kinds of illness of your body. The Pierres lithothérapie will hold together not only your health but also your mental state and emotions. It helps in restoring balance in your body. The stones help you in awakening your spiritual power. Know what type of stone you need and get it for yourself and your other family members for keeping up their good physical and mental health.

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