5 Wedding Traditions That Every Modern-Day Bride Should Ditch!

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Especially the wedding traditions and customs followed around the world. Yes, some of them actually add a fresh essence in the wedding and the brides and grooms really enjoy the moment.

Generally, every custom portrait our legacy. However, not all customs make sense in reality. Especially the wedding traditions and customs followed around the world. Yes, some of them actually add a fresh essence in the wedding and the brides and grooms really enjoy the moment. But some customs should be discarded from the modern day wedding ceremonies. Of course, these hypothetical points are just perceptions, and some can disagree, but it makes sense and differentiates reality from fantasy.

1. Buying The Wedding Dress For A Day

Nowadays, the wedding dress business is immensely popular. But the fact that people spend thousands on a dress that the bride wears just for one day in her life sounds unnecessary. But this is the reality, and almost every bride fantasizes it as she wants the best Instagram worthy bridal dress shots clicked by her wedding photographer. The better solution is to grab the best wedding dress on rent which would save a lot of money. Thus, the wedding couples should consider this option instead of chasing nostalgia. The tradition of buying a wedding Gown for just one day is ridiculously expensive.


2. The Wedding Registry As A Wedding Gift:

Wedding Registries can be a complete waste of resources especially when we already have what we need. When a bride and a groom decide to get married, they don't necessarily rely on what registry gifts they will get to survive. They might have got everything they need already. Guess that is why they are called "being worthy of marriage." Instead, the couple can be benefited if people decide to offer cash. It would be more useful to the couple.


3. The Groom Can't See The Bride Before The Wedding Day:

should not see see each other just before their wedding day. It is considered unlucky and inauspicious for the success of the wedding. In that case, why there are divorces even after contemplating this tradition? In fact, there's already a lot of pressure on the wedding day for both the bride and the groom. Seeing your fiancé on the wedding day for a while can boost their confidence and make the moment more exciting.


4. Opting For Diamond Wedding Ring:

The price tag of a wedding ring doesn't decide the bonding of the couple. Neither it guarantees the success of any relationship. Yes, a wedding ring is imperative in a wedding. But a Diamond Ring! Is it that necessary? Even if we value the emotions of a wedding, but buying an expensive diamond wedding ring should not be the practical approach. Instead, couples can save that money and enjoy an even better honeymoon or buy necessary things which are more important than an expensive tradition. Couples also demand cool photographs of the Engagement and Wedding Rings from their wedding photographer. They are thus under tremendous pressure to buy the most expensive one to impress the world.


5. Inheriting Groom's Last Name:

Inheriting the last name of the groom is a very ancient tradition that is followed even today. In this liberating world, it just not feels right that after owning the last name for over 20-25 years, the bride must inherit the last name of the groom. Instead, there should be a choice whether the bride wants to adopt the groom's last name or not.


So, these are the traditions that should be stopped, effective immediately! Of course, many people still believe in these traditions and rituals. But it is high time we must understand that the bond you share with your partner is all what matters in the end. 

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