3 Handy Cloud Storage Services for Collaboration and File Synchronization

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Today, many of us spread our work across multiple devices and from time to time our project materials such as documents, artwork, or spreadsheets are needed while we are out of the office with only a tablet or a smartphone. Also, the need for multiple users to access and make edits to the latest version of a document is becoming more frequent these days.

The following cloud storage services changed the lives of many and if you are not using one of them, you should give any of them a try.


Praised by many as a dead simple file sharing service, Dropbox is now one of the most used services in many offices around the world. Files are automatically synced across multiple devices, even your smartphone or tablet, when edits are detected. Most of its users are also very happy with its integration with many popular services such as Evernote, Podio, Facebook, IFTTT and many more that definitely brings convenience to their daily work.

Despite the easy-to-use features, Dropbox is less attractive as a backup solution. Once installed, it automatically creates a folder within your hard drive. Synchronization and backup is limited to folders and files within the Dropbox folder. Unless you are willing to move all the files that you wish to back up into the folder and make it your default folder, then Dropbox is not your best backup solution.

Price: 2GB for Free, 100GB for $9.99/month, 200GB for $19.99/month, 500GB for $49.99/month

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google's version of file synchronization. As compared to Dropbox, Google has an obvious advantage thanks to its popular productivity suite, Google Docs, android buy installs, that offers robust collaboration features. Apart from seamless synchronization, Google Drive supports up to 30 file types and unlike Dropbox where you still need native software to edit files such as word documents, spreadsheets or presentations, editing can be done with just your browser via the Drive web app.

If you are a fan or a frequent user of Google products such as Gmail, Google+, Picasa and the rest, then Drive will fit nicely into your daily work routine. With the latest app update, you can now even edit word documents and spreadsheets right from your Android or iOS mobile device.

Price: 5GB for Free, 100GB for $4.99/month, 200GB for $9.99/month, 1TB for $49.99/ month

Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft entered the file sharing scene very early with SkyDrive but it is not until recently that the product is well-baked enough to attract user adoption. SkyDrive works great with files created using Microsoft Office suite of software. Basic file sharing features such as public link sharing and web browser editing are included. A nifty feature that SkyDrive has is the ability to "fetch" the latest documents from your home computer (if it's turned on) when you are out and about but forgot to synchronize your drive before you leave.

However, SkyDrive is still pretty limited when it comes to sharing on the Mac app. On mobile devices, documents cannot be downloaded for offline viewing.

Price: 7GB for Free, 20GB for $10/year, 50GB for $25/year, 100GB for $50/year

Are you using any of these cloud storage solutions? Do you think they fit in well with your daily routine? Feel free to leave a review of the services above in the comment section below.

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