You have two options in swtor

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As a unengaged to play player, you are able to only have one crew skill per character for swtor credits , and a pair of characters per server. This makes your options a bit tricky. As I mentioned, when you have a crafting skill, you'd normally desire to pick the two complementary gathering skills to select it. However, as a liberal to play player, you'll be able to only have 1.So what if you ever do? You have two options.


The first is simply to pick a conference skill and ignore crafting in its entirety. If you pick Bioanalysis, Archaeology, Scavenging or Slicing, it is possible to loot crafting materials from nodes throughout the galaxy. This is my own recommendation for anyone who is levelling – it's a neat little minigame to get these crafting nodes when you are running around exploring, and it's a crew skill that amounted to no credits, making it an especially nice selection for Free to Play players that are capped at 200k credits.


In order to craft items utilizing the Artifice skill, it will be important to acquire the content components. Artifice runs on the combination of crystals, gemstones, artifact fragments and common crafting materials to generate items. All Artifice items except stronghold components also need a number of Artifice-crafted bonded attachments from the appropriate level.


The materials can be purchased from archaeology nodes found while looking planets or through Archaeology missions and Treasure Hunting. Sliced tech parts for artifact-quality items can be had through Slicing missions.With all the choices available i thought this was very hard that i can figure out until I hammered this info out for myself and worked through it using the types of characters and faction I wanted to target.


The easiest way that I can visualize to break it down is actually crafting skill and after that by light side and bad side optimal choices should you lean strongly to just one side and the other. This should provide the ability to maximize informed choice possible for this subject.

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