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These are some of the unique, beautiful scarves you can find and make at Stitch Cleveland.
This is the big cutting table that greets you when you walk into Stitch
Cleveland. Stitch uses this table for classes, gatherings, and pattern-drafting courses.
 This shot captures only a small portion of the inspiration to be discovered in Stitch Cleveland’s awesome sewing studio.
Fabric Obsession is essentially a quilt store, but its fabric selection would inspire anyone. Check out the tablecloth made from Amy Butler home
décor fabrics on the display table.
These are some of the unique, beautiful scarves you can find and make at Stitch Cleveland.

These are some of the unique, beautiful scarves you can find and make at Stitch Cleveland.

Photo: Shannon Dennis

A few posts ago, I talked about my first pattern-making class with Megan at Stitch Cleveland. Then I wrote about the book signing and quick project for Arbor Day at Fabric Obsession in Medina. Both stores are amazing, so I want share what I look for in a sewing store and some sources on how to find your creative “home away from home.”

Very young, creative ladies run Stitch Cleveland. You’ll find some atypical creations as well as great garment patterns from Kwik-Sew. To some, the shop may seem cluttered, but I love that, no matter where I turn, there will be an idea or inspiration. At the back of the store is a knitting shop full of yarn in beautiful textures and colors. It just makes me want to knit more!

There is something for everyone at Stitch, and everyone is welcome. It doesn't have a formal classroom; instead, there's a huge table in front where classes can be held. When they offer special sewing times, everyone just squeezes in and sets up to sew together.

The sewing gatherings and classes are not formal. It is really like a friend is having a girls' night out in her dining room turned sewing space. They inspire me to try new things such as pattern drafting, knitting, or even buying one of their stuffed octopuses for my media room.

Fabric Obsession is wild! Lois and her crew run a well-organized, clean space. I don't even know what color the walls are because every white shelf is dripping with the most beautiful fabrics imaginable!

Lois carries only the latest fabrics on the market, and her inventory is in regular turnover to keep her stock up to date! I love it here because the store has great style and a classy, clean look that allows me to easily see every bolt of fabric. The amazing staff on hand will personally help you find just the right shade of any color. You may think with the white walls and simple space design that this shop is run like a military camp; you couldn’t be more mistaken! Lois is so fun to be around—always cracking jokes and showing off her youthful heart. I love this. I love being a young person—a new quilter in an environment so happy and carefree. I love that it isn’t cluttered and that Fabric Obsession carries the best of the best, so my decisions are easy and not so overwhelming.

So how can you find places like this to sew at?

  • Ask around. You might live right next door to an amazing sewing studio like Stitch Cleveland.
  • Look online. Most places have Web sites now, so a simple search in good ol' Google should bring up plenty of options.
  • Check out "friend Links" on craft sites. For a more carefree sewing location such as Stitch Cleveland you can look at “friend links” on sites like or Church of Craft. Or post an inquiry about your area right here on CraftStylish.
  • Make a visit. Take a tour of shops in your area. Fabric Obsession is almost 45 minutes away from my home while Stitch Cleveland is right around the corner, but they are both places I love to go.


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