Skull Jewelry a Trademark of Rebellion

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Skull itself is a unique element of fashion which combines gothic fashion, punk fashion, ancient culture, and modern rebellion altogether to form a bold fashion trend.


Are you looking for a unique ring? Are you a fan of gothic fashion or punk fashion? Do you want yourself to be out of the crowd? If these answers are yes, then you've come to the right place. We will introduce you to the fascinating and badass skull ring which will definitely define your personality.

Gothic fashion

If you are a follower of gothic fashion, then skull jewelry should be on top of your bucket list. Gothic fashion is considered mysterious, dark, morbid fashion. Black is the trademark of gothic fashion. You would find the symbol of "skull' to a great extent in gothic fashion. The followers of gothic fashion have an unlimited hunger for skull jewelry. For them, the skull symbolizes something mysterious, dark illusion as well as their bold and carefree personality.

Works for both men and women

Skull jewelry works for men and women both. Earlier it was considered only for men. In the ancient time, only warriors used to wear skulls of their enemies as a symbol of their strength, power and in the later period, conservative people started wearing skull as a reminder of mortality. In the present time, with the rise of badass fashion men tend to bring back that culture and wear them as a symbol of power, strength, mortality, etc, but of course, these skills are not real skulls, but skull jewelry. But. In modern times, with the rise of feminism, women are wearing skull rings, necklaces, earrings as a symbol of rebellion of traditional culture and the equal rights of men. Skull jewelry has become a part of high fashion trend by numerous high profile celebrities, punk fashion, gothic fashion, rock music, etc. Men and women both wear skull jewelry as a part of that high fashion and as a symbol of their own personalities.

Skull rings, necklaces, earrings, cuffs

If you are looking for unique and gorgeous skull jewelry, you should try skull rings, necklaces, earrings or cuffs. This jewelry would evoke a sense of diversity for you in others. Skull rings are most popular among bikers and badass guys who like to screw the world with their carefree and bold characteristics. But women are also wearing skull rings these days as a symbol of rebellion and their unique spunky spirit. Skull necklaces can evoke a statement for you. Biker skull necklaces are usually sterling silver and with a short chain, but women wear skull necklaces with a long chain. When it comes skull women do not spare space of their bodies. Skull earrings are the latest addition to the skull fashion. Skull earrings will give a unique look of your face. Skull cuff is a unique skull fashion to grab the attention of others. Men wear it as a spunky fashion and in the case of women, it becomes skull bangle.

Final words

Skull jewelry is the latest and a badass addition to world fashion. This spunky fashion shows the world that you don't care about the conventional ways of the world and like to walk in your own way.


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