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If you think lunch trucks are only about boring sandwiches and hotdogs, think again. Mobile food trucks from best app review sites are one of the hottest trends in the food industry. From delectable street eats to fine cuisine, lunch trucks are one of the best ways to get a quick fix of some seriously good food -- and often at a great price.

If the truck is surrounded by a lot of people, stop and check it out
What to order from a lunch truck

Figuring out what to order from a lunch truck is usually pretty easy. Always go for the truckÕs specialty. Because of their extremely limited space, food trucks do not usually have a wide variety of offerings. The advantage to this, however, is that the owners of these trucks tend to focus all of their energy on a specialized item. Whether the truckÕs specialty is crepes, burgers or Chinese-Mexican fusion tacos, you can feel confident knowing that it is most likely the best item on the menu.

Another way to figure out the best dishes to choose is to ask the food truckÕs employees what they recommend, or ask fellow customers if they have a favorite item that they always order.
Discover the best food trucks in your area

When you are walking or driving around town, stay on the lookout for food trucks. If you spot a truck that looks interesting, get adventurous and give it a try. If the truck is surrounded by a lot of people, stop and check it out. A crowd of people willing to stand in line at a food truck is almost always a strong sign that the truck serves great food. Another way to discover food trucks is to check the dining section of your local newspaper or alternative weekly. Because the lunch truck scene is experiencing a major spike in popularity, food writers frequently cover this hot topic. Look out for stories and reviews of local food trucks to see if there is one you want to try.

How do you know where to find your favorite lunch truck?

When you find a food truck that you love or want to try, see if it has a website that posts its schedule. Many food trucks, however, use Twitter to let their fans know where they are or where they are headed. If it has a Twitter account, simply follow your favorite food truck on Twitter and have your tweets sent to your mobile phone. That way, you can always know where your favorite food truck is located, regardless of where you are.

If you want to experience a hot trend in food or love to try new and delicious cuisines, discover the great food trucks in your area. It is possible that your new favorite eating spot is heading toward you right now.

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