4 Tips for Women Negotiating a Raise

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Times have changed for the working woman. Today, there are more companies looking to hire women. But if you see the 2018 Labor Force report by The World Bank you will have noticed that only 22.1% of our country's women work.

This shocking percentage needs to change, and the only way that can happen is for women to have an equal voice. So, if you are thinking about asking for a raise, here are some negotiation tips to help you.

1. Know How Much To Ask For

How much to ask for and how much will make you happy are two very different numbers. Infact, knowing the difference will make or break your negiotian for a raise.

For example, let's say that you are a teacher and Rs 20,000 is the current market value for a teacher with your amount of work experience. However, making Rs 30,000 would make you happy. Now, you could ask for the unreasonable Rs 30,000 and risk having your boss undermine you. Or you would walk in and inform your boss that Rs 20,000 is the current market value for your role and your work in the past has been good, so you request the company to increase your salary. Going in with an asking price based on facts is more likely to favour you than going in high-strung with emotions.

2. Treat The Company Like Family

Women are great at putting the needs of others before their own. We prioritise our loved ones before ourselves - use this to your advantage!

Think about the company that you are working for as family and think about their needs. You can't walk into the boss' office, demanding a raise just because you have been there for a certain amount of time, or because your colleague gets paid more. Instead, sit back and put yourself in the boss' chair and evaluate your individual work.

Ask yourself…

  • Has my performance been deserving of the raise?

  • Can the company afford to pay me my asking amount?

  • When did I last get a raise?

Answering these questions will not only help you preempt what your boss might say, but will also help you think rationally ask for a raise.


3. Raise Your Expectations

Women often walk into the workspace with lower expectations - STOP!

You probably don't have the same liberty as your male colleagues to put in the same hours of work. You might have had to ask for a day off or work from home to tend to things at home. But this should not stop you from performing your work to the best of your ability and that is what counts. It's not the hours you spend on the work that you do, but the quality of the work. If the value of your work is clear, then don't ask yourself questions like, "Should I negotiate for a higher salary?" Instead, evaluate your performance and go in prepared!

4. Plan B

Always be prepared for the worst possible outcome.

Don't walk into a negotiation expecting your boss to agree to the amount you asked for or the raise itself. This will only throw you off track if he/she says 'no' and you're left without a plan-B.

Instead, keep calm, thank your boss and ask when would be a good time for the company to revisit the issue. This will mean that the doors are still open for a raise in the near future and patience will be your virtue.

With these tips in hand, get out there and claim your raise!

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