Finding the Balance Between Sports and Studies

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Students aspire to make the school team and play professionally. The lucky few who gets one or both opportunities have to juggle between studies and sports. Making it here requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices. Those who play might lean on games too much and forget their books. However, players in school teams are expected to maintain a specified minimum grade for a chance to play. They are also expected to be disciplined strikes away from the field might even force them out. Finding the balance on how to do both at the same time is difficult but possible. Below are a few tips you need to implement for that to work.

1) Prioritize

Deciding on what comes first for students is a little hard, but you need to go the extra mile and make that decision. Make school and sports the most important activities. Drop the unimportant stuff as they eat into your study or play time. Additionally, it helps reduce absenteeism from class and in the field.

2) Study

The main reason why you are in school is to study, and that should never be pushed aside. Study every opportunity you get to ensure you are at per with the rest. Use your free time to catch up with what is lagging and to complete assignments. You can also study ahead, and this helps you remain at per despite missing several classes.

3) Ask For Help

You might find it hard to do everything on your own. You can ask for assistance. Request your classmates and teammates to share relevant information while away to ensure you are not left out. Get a student to tutor you or join a study group when you cannot study on your own. Also, seek online assistance from EduBirdie. Request for extra help when training if you have a hard time learning a routine. When the going gets tough, you can request for a reduction of responsibilities in the field and drop a few units in class.

4) Use a Planner

Many activities take place each day between the field and class. Having a planner prevents you from missing important events and ensures they do not overlap. A planner also helps you plan for each day, and this reduces confusion and anxiety. This also enables proper time management.

5) Do Not Procrastinate

Complete tasks as soon as you get them or in order of their urgency. Putting activities on hold until the last minute leads to severe implications when you cannot complete them on time. Additionally, having all of them staring at your face might increase your stress and ruin your concentration. Avoid distractions since they are the main reasons why this takes place.



The opportunity to play and study is a dream come true for most students but hard to accomplish. Time management and proper planning make it easier for you. Finally, never make academics and sports compete against each other since each would have detrimental effects.


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