Better Alternatives to Cheating on a Quiz

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When faced with having to complete a difficult test or quiz in the near future, cheating is never the best route to take. Sometimes it will be tempting to cheat, especially if you haven't had a chance to properly study the material that will be included on the test or quiz. Perhaps you've been sick and haven't been able to attend class or study, or your part-time job has been taking up all your time. However, you don't need to cheat. Below are some tips regarding other courses of action you are able to take, so that you don't have to resort to cheating.

Go to the Teacher for Extra Help

Even if the day of your quiz is quite close, go to your teacher and explain your situation. Explain why you haven't been attending class or keeping up with your homework, and apologize profusely. Have them explain to you the concepts you don't understand, or the ones you have not learned about due to missing class. There's a good chance that your one-on-one session with your teacher will help you so much that you will be ready to pass your quiz without cheating after all.

Ask a Friend to Explain the Material to You

Chances are, you have a friend in your class who is highly skilled at the material that you are learning. If not, you probably at least know someone who knows what do my homework for money in the course. You must go to them and ask them to explain the material to you. If you've been listening to your teacher but the information just isn't sinking in, sometimes hearing it explained in a different way by someone else is beneficial. Don't feel guilty for asking a friend or acquaintance for help, as this is better than cheating off their paper and possibly getting them in trouble, too.

Ask to Take the Test at a Later Date

With this option, you'll have to go to your teacher and explain why you haven't been keeping up, and, once again, apologize profusely. Then, ask to take the test a little later than the other students. Don't make this too much later, so that you have a major advantage over the others. For instance, two or three days is a good amount of time to put it off. Your teacher might say no to this request, but it's worth asking, even if they decide they will only give you a one-day extension. If you've been sick and have a doctor's note, show it to the teacher since this might sway their decision. Remember to use the extra days before your test to study productively, and don't ask your friends who have already written the test what was on it.

Go to a Drop-in Tutoring Center

If your quiz is coming up in a few days, it's likely a bit too late to formally hire a tutor. However, in many towns and cities, there are drop-in tutoring centers. As with getting help from the teacher or a friend, it will likely only take you an hour or so with a tutor to gain a better understanding of your material. Of course, it's best to go to your teacher first, but if they are unavailable at short notice, a tutor is a good option. Drop-in tutoring centers go by various names, but check your local Yellow Pages for ones in your area.

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