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Hi, I am an internet marketer, on my website https://wise-select.com there are many reviews of children's products. Time with the advent of a new family member is becoming less. And often mothers do not have time to combine household chores with child care. Walkers - a brilliant way to take the baby and release a useful 10-15 minutes. The device is an excellent source of pleasure for your crumbs, and also helps him to strengthen muscles and explore the world around us. However, the majority is lost when choosing a walker: the range is wide and often overwhelming.

Let's see how to choose the right walker that meets the needs of your baby.

Classic walker is a design consisting of a base on wheels and a soft seat. Complete with more expensive walkers there is also a game panel, which will help the kid to have fun while relaxing. This is the most popular type of walker.

By design, rocking walkers resemble classic walkers. Their main difference is the base, divided into two parts, where the upper can rotate 90 degrees. This feature allows you to use a walker, not only as a device for moving, but also as a means for rocking the baby.

Walkers, wheelchairs resemble a little stroller. The crumb rely on the handle and moves in small steps around the room, and the front panel is a small gaming center with a lot of buttons, rattles, light and sound effects. Unfortunately, such models are suitable only for kids who have already taken their first steps. The possibility of height adjustment will save a lot of money: the walker will "grow" with the child and not have to spend money on a new device. Be sure to check the reliability of fixation in all positions. Let's not forget that all children are different, and it is much easier to find a walker with height adjustment function than to find a walker that fits your baby perfectly. The child should not walk on tiptoes - it is necessary that the entire leg is involved. The base should be wide enough so that the crumb will not accidentally pass through the doors and start wandering around the house. It is desirable that the base was rectangular: it is much more stable than a round one. The back of the seat must be tough. Unlike a soft back, rigid will support a bearing of the kid. The seat should be positioned deep to reduce the risk of falling out. It should be wide, so that the child does not feel discomfort. It is worth choosing a walker with a removable seat (so it will be easier to wash it). In order for your little one not to become bored, the game panel must be equipped with various knick-knacks: rattles, buttons, squeakers. It is more convenient when the game panel is removable, since this is easier to clean.

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