3 Stunning Looks for All Body Shapes That Will Help You Slay It!

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I've never understood why the pressure of looking good only falls on women. 

As far as society is concerned, all men need to do is take a shower and put on a crisp shirt. But oh, lord! The expectations on women have no limit. 

Women, it's time we take control and do things for ourselves. And we're talking body positivity! 

Banish social pressure on women's bodies and own your shape! 

Body positivity does not mean that you look in the mirror and like what you see.

It means that you look in the mirror, see yourself for what you are and still LOVE YOURSELF! 

On that note, here are 3 clothing looks that are bound to make you feel fabulous, no matter what your body shape is:

1) Saree 

Ladies, guess what? The saree is not reserved for your sexy Desi Girl dance at your cousin's wedding. 

A simple saree is a great option to wear on a regular day. 

Because not only does it flatter any body shape, but it also gives you instant respect! 

Choose the right fabric - something that does not get crushed during the course of the day, like crepes, chiffon, georgettes etc. 

Follow the two-pin rule to make sure that the saree stays in place. One pin to hold your pallu in place and the other to pin your pleats. 

Who can forget the #100SareePact - a campaign launched by Bengaluru-based Ally Matthan and Anju Maudgal Kadam,which was a rage on social media as it asked women to wear saris at least 100 times a year

Look up saree draping ideas online for a fresh perspective. 

2) Palazzo Pants

The great thing about a pair of palazzo pants is that they fit around the waist and fall loose, giving you plenty of space inside to let your body free. 

The added volume gives the illusion of a slim waist. 

If you are sick of sucking in your tummy, then this look is perfect. 

Broad hips, rounded belly, short, tall, slim, chubby… love your body in a pair of palazzo pants. 

You can choose the length of your pants based on your comfort. 

A common guideline is to wear cropped pants to look shorter and longer length with heels to look taller.

Pair these pants with a hip-length top, a tucked in tee, with a jacket or even a kurta. Whatever rocks your boat (body)! 

3) Maxi Dresses 

Maxi dresses are the first things that come to mind when you think of attending a beach wedding, a brunch or a baby shower outfit for a new mommy. 

They are usually regarded as informal looks. But these angle-to-floor length dresses have come a long way. 

Depending on the fabric you choose and the flair, a maxi dress could be a comfortable option to wear to work as well. 

You could even team it up with a well-tailored jacked to give you that extra oomph! 

The Indian summer is a force to reckon with and a maxi dress helps you put up a good fight against it. 

When it's hot out, maxi dresses are the perfect way to cover your legs and keep them out of the sun. 

At the same time, the flowing nature of the dress lets your legs remain cool. 

The icing on the cake is that you can wear them with pumps, flats or even sneakers!

Now that you have the three looks, there is another pointer that is super important to carry off any look with élan. And that is...

4) Confidence 

Wear your confidence, ladies! 

Confidence building is one of the best things you can do for yourself and it will largely impact the way people perceive you and how you feel. 

Believe in yourself and wear whatever you like. Don't let anyone else's opinions be the boss of you!


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