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I became a hairdresser.

I chose this profession because I like to transform people and discover their natural beauty)

In the work of a stylist such a space for creativity! https://www.hairstylery.com/ 

I am both an artist, and a sculptor and I lift up the mood, in one person.

As an artist, I select colors to fit the girl's psycho type, her mood, hair structure or haircut shape (to give a visual volume, for example, or "distract" from gray hair) and so on.

There is no limit to creativity: from blue-pink-orange strands to natural highlighting ...

As a sculptor, I "cut off" all unnecessary, accentuating the merits, "shading" what should be hidden ...

And a miracle is born!

And all this together brings joy to people. And to me - great satisfaction from the work done.

Well, in what other profession you can get the result of your work almost instantly?


They trimmed the bangs, for example, and woo-a-la, another person.

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