Gst pull down

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Gst pull down

Pull Down Assay



Protein pull down assay is an in vitro affinity purification method that uses a bait protein to enrich proteins that interact with the bait protein. It can be used for confirmation of existing protein-protein interactions discovered by other techniques or initial screening to identify novel protein-protein interactions. Profacgen provides you protein pull down service for the detection of possible interacting proteins of your target proteins.


The basic principle of pull down assay is to utilize a tag fused protein (such as GST-tag, His-tag and biotin-tag) immobilized to affinity resin as the bait protein. Proteins binding to the bait protein (prey protein) can be captured and "pulled down" when the target protein or cell lysate flows through. By subsequent elution and analysis using Western Blot or Mass Spectrometry (MS), a predicted interaction can be confirmed or previously unknown interactions can be discovered. Pull down assay service provided by Profacgen can efficiently and specifically verify the predicted protein-protein interactions or identify novel interactions.


Illustration of Pull Down Assay

Illustration of pull down assay


Both bait protein and prey protein can be obtained from cell lysis, protein expression system or in vitro transcription and translation system through our carefully designed experimental scheme. Pull down assay is easy to operate and cost-saving.


Our services include:

Construction of recombinant expression plasmid


Bait protein expression and purification


Identification of protein-protein interaction by Western Blot or MS


Data retrieval and bioinformatics analysis


Results submission


Our advantages:

Fully customerized high quality service

Stringent quality control and consistent results

Short turn-around time

Best price in the market

Detailed experimental report

Please contact us for more details of our professional pull down assay service.


See more details on the principle and protocol of pull down assay on our website. We also provide troubleshooting guides for the problems you may account in your experiment. See more...

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