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Jen_W Jennifer Worick, contributor
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Even the humble pinecone can inspire an entire craft collection.

Even the humble pinecone can inspire an entire craft collection.

Photo: Jennifer Worick

Watching Project Runway and other fashion shows has allowed me to become a better crafter, and not just because I sit in front of the TV with a bead board or my knitting needles. When I’ve looked behind the fashion curtain, I’ve admired the inspiration wall or board that various designers and artisans create. Michael Kors created one around a photo of a 1940s socialite. Others build a board around a feather, the color of their child’s eyes, even a song lyric.

What inspires you? Right now, I’m dreaming up craft projects based on nature, namely pinecones. I’m enchanted by them. While I’ve noticed their beauty before, I’ve never viewed them as gorgeous, natural works of art. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been bringing home all shapes and sizes of these little wonders. My friend Kim brings me pinecones that look like roses in bloom. I found tiny clusters of pinecones still on their twigs lying in a grove of pines during a walk around a lake.

Needless to say, my pad is lousy with pinecones these days.

How do I use the pinecone for an inspiration board? I’ve been sketching the shape of the complete cone, as well as the individual “petals,” and gravitating toward earthy colors like rich forest green and weathered brown, not to mention the gentle sienna color of a bed of pine needles. I’ve posted favorite photos of my wilderness adventures, as well as the sea-green eyes of my cat Mac Daddy. I've dipped back into the rustic prairie style and illustrations in my book, The Prairie Girl's Guide to Life. I’ve ripped out pages of magazines with models in vintage-inspired menswear, floaty Missoni evening wear, and rugged Highlands tweeds. I’ve pinned up swatches of fabric and bits of heathered, marled yarns in varying shades of earthtones, as well as sky blue, which I adore with chocolate brown.

I’ve also posted a few quotes that I love that remind me of my adventures outdoors. To wit: "Keep not standing fixed and rooted. Briskly venture, briskly roam,” by Goethe, and one I came up with to remind me to be fabulous even while living in Polartec-happy Seattle: “Fight the fleece.”

My inspiration board is inspiring intarsia acorns, necklaces with rough-cut green garnets and branch-shaped beads, and even pine-scented footbaths.

I think for summer I might move on to a baby beach theme, complete with sandpails, sandcastles, and Coppertone bottles.

What inspires you these days? Have you created an inspiration board?

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