Diamond Painting is A Unique Art Form

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Diamond Painting also termed as Paint by Diamonds or Paint with Diamonds is a unique art form & trending day by day. It can be said as an advanced form of cross stitching. Little diamond like gems are used to complete the painting. No expertise or skills are required. Anyone can start working on diamond painting kits anytime. You just need a diamond painting kit & that's it.

Diamond Painting Kit

A diamond painting kit usually includes:


  • A soft & smooth pre-printed Canvas
  • Colorful diamonds in zip lock bags
  • Color Scheme Chart
  • Diamond Applicator Tool
  • Piece of Wax


You just have to make sure to purchase your painting kit from a trusted & reliable store & you are ready to go.

How To Choose

Before starting diamond painting the most important thing is to choose the best diamond painting kit for yourself amongst hundreds of thousands. I've purchased most of my painting kits from diamondpainting.art & you can find a huge collections of diamond paintings over there. These diamond painting kits are suitable for almost all age groups. In the very beginning you must go with simple & easy diamond paintings. But after gaining much experience you can go with any painting of your liking.

Types of Diamond Painting Kits

Diamond Paintings can be categorized on the basis of the shapes & material of the diamonds or by the size & type of the canvas.

Usually diamond paintings fall under these categories:


  • Round Drill Diamond Painting Kit
  • Square Drill Diamond Painting Kit
  • Special Drill Diamond Painting Kit
  • Full Drill Diamond Painting Kit
  • Partial Drill Diamond Painting Kit
  • Multi Paneled Diamond Painting Kit


How Did I Start Diamond Painting

About 2 years ago I had an accident & my leg got broken. I was rushed to the hospital, had an emergency surgery & doctors prescribed me to have full bed rest for at least six months. Now it was really hard for me to spend this time just laying on the bed & doing nothing. It was the time when one of my friends suggested me to try diamond painting kit.

It was new thing for me so I was reluctant to give it atry but she insisted me so I agreed with her. Next day she came with a beautiful diamond painting kit & explained how to work with it. I found it really easy & interesting so started it immediately. I can't explain in words thathow I got rid of depressing thoughts all at once & began to enjoy the diamond painting process. I was totally indulged in it & enjoyed it a lot. The process of picking diamonds one by one & applying on the canvas was a great fun.

Diamond Painting is A Sort of Treatment

Many doctors & psychologists prescribe their patients to indulge in some haelthy & productive hobby so here diamond painting can serve best. It's medically proven that diamond painting helps to relive stress & have better focus & concentration. Picking up & applying diamonds also improves hand to eye coordination & fine motor skills. I can say it's totally true as I 've experienced it myself.

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