5 Tips to Buy Book Racks

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Any room is incomplete without a few collection of books and a book shelf on display. So, it is necessary to choose organise and decorate your book shelf in a proper way. 

However, there are different types of book racks available in the market. Some popular designs are-

• Basic- This is a standard book rack. It has height and width choices as per your requirement.

• Cube- It often has squared shaped compartments. It is more of a decorative kind.

• Wall mounted- This type of shelf is usually leaned on wall. It is tall but less in width. It is also known as 'stairway' as each section is placed step after step.

• Ladder or leaning- It is much like the staircase one. But the legs of this kind of rack remain open. So it is easier to clean. The shelf is a bit wider at its bottom and then it gradually gets narrower towards the top.

• Library book rack- This is a dream design for all the book lovers. It resembles a library. It is spacious and has a lot of chambers to arrange your books into themes and categories.

Nevertheless, no matter how many designs and decorations are there, the first and foremost of it all is to chart out your own criteria and requirements before spending money on the most precious corner of your room. Below are a few tips to remember while buying your favourite book rack.

1. Measurement: Amidst all other furniture, sofa online comes in a wide range of sizes. So it is essential to measure the height of the shelf.

2. Space: The shelf space is also important. Shelf for hardcover books and shelf for prints and papers will require different space area.

3. Material: A book rack requires to have a good material. So, take note of the material that it is made off because good material will last longer and be able to protect your books more dearly. Solid hardwoods are preferably good but plywood and wood veneers are also useful and common material these days.

4. Adjustability: Make sure whether what kind of books you want to keep in. If you are flexible at your choice and want a combined kind then you can definitely go for the adjustable kind.

5. Lock system: If you want your book rack to have secret compartments then you can opt for the ones that come with drawer and lock option. 

Books are the ultimate nourishment for our mind. So a good deal of effort must be given in its protection. Having the opportunity to choose is a bliss. Choose as you wish but choose wisely and think of these five basic tips before it. 


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