Learn How to Design Your Small Garden Beautifully

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If you're a fan of small gardens, your heart will throb when you look at those pictures on Pinterest. You obviously feel you can make the best out of your small garden. The challenge is, where do you start? Well, you've just landed in the right spot. One thing you can be sure about is that your small garden must squeeze a little more sap from your creativity. Things will not just readily work out like in the case of large space in your courtyard. Read the following tips to learn how to design your small garden beautifully.

Make use of the vertical space

This is one of the DIY tasks you could be good at. You see hanging planters cannot go wrong in getting you the needed beauty. To accomplish this, find and paint an old ladder. You can then use it to anchor the potted plants. This requires a bit of planning so you have a variety in the small space. As a result, you can afford multiple pretty hanging planters to add value to your small garden. The spiral gardens are one of the greatest ways to make use of vertical space. Instead of pilling everything on the surface, raise your garden beds. This way, you'll give your small garden a whole new look.


Make a perfect color blend

It's true that small gardens are easier to maintain. Meanwhile, they're much easier to mess up. Meaningful beauty can be obtained in simplicity. As per the expert advice, employ the rule of three when adding color to your small garden. In this case, three colors that perfectly blend will make a big difference in the beauty of your garden. The concept of color also touches on the painting.

White paints are preferred because flowers also gain from the reflections. What is most important is to know how to play with the colors in your small garden. Well maintained potted plants will burst with life in a small garden. Therefore, let it count by giving the potted plants a lovely touch of regular maintenance.

Design with a purpose in your mind

You see that small yard is yours. You know what is best for you more than the experts. Well, it's not just about gut feeling, but with a clear goal, you can get the desired beauty. Here, you must really be sure whether you're settling for beauty, comfort or both. Some only aim at making the small garden look bigger. All of these can be achieved. Several ways such as the creation of terraced areas can be of great help. Once you decide the purpose of your small garden, you'll be on the right path to make the most out of it. If your focus is on beauty, let the hanging gardens stay at the eye level. You may also position your small garden directly opposite to your favorite coach. As a result, you'll be able to take in the whole view of the house. For comfort invest in furniture and ensure they're at the end of your garden.

Make use of water Features

Adding water features are a great way to make tiny gardens look amazing. It does not have to be unreasonably large. It only needs to be modest. You should position it in such a way that it reflects light and gives a garden scheme a new look. Besides, you can add a water feature to your small garden using stone water plinth. Many people take water features for granted when it comes to a small garden. As a result, they lose the value it adds to the beauty of the garden. Your small garden can benefit from the water feature and obtain its own kind of uniqueness.

Let the lighting count

A small garden should display that beautiful look throughout the seasons. Simply put, it should brighten the dull evening in winter. It should also welcome a midday summer in open arms. This can be achieved if you put the lighting strategically. Consider layering that ensures light reaches all the features in the garden. The paths, water, and the walls should portray a mixed and match effect.



Small gardens can as well be beautiful. Let these tips sink in you. Simple ideas including lighting, water features, and purpose are vital in enhancing its beauty. With an adequate utilization of space, your small garden will be amazing. All it takes is your choice to act now that you know the secrets

With these tips in mind, your small garden will be amazing.

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