How to Use Cardboard and Cereal Boxes to Make Different Organizers for your Home

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People these days are becoming very conscious of the environment and the amount of waste they are creating. Everyone loves to reuse and recycle things in their homes. One of the most common items that is easily available in most homes are cardboard and cereal boxes. Moreover, there are many people who also have craft supplies like ribbons, craft paper and other similar things lying around. 

According to experts providing finance homework help, you can use whatever craft items to decorate the organizers made out of these boxes. Turn these into drawer organizers, organizers for your desk, there are a lot of possibilities of recycling cardboard boxes. Following are two of the easiest ways to turn your leftover cereal and cardboard boxes into different organizers. 

  1. Cereal Box to A Desk Organizer

Cereal boxes are very easy to find in almost every household. From kids to adults, most people love to eat cereal to start their day on a healthy note. For this project, you just need three cereal boxes along with other materials. 

You will also need common craft supplies like ruler, cello tapes, marker, paper cutter or X-acto knife, paint, craft paper, scrap book paper, and other things to decorate (labels, ribbon, lace, embellishments), etc. 

How to make the organizer:

First, take the 3 cereal boxes and line them up together. On the box in the right corner, make a mark leaving a space of around 2 inches from the top. Then, make a second mark on the box on the left corner, leaving a space of 8 inches from the top. 

Then, take your ruler and draw a line between the two points marked on the boxes. 

Repeat the same steps on the opposite sides of the boxes and draw the lines, making sure they are equal to the ones made earlier. 

Then, draw a straight line across the front and back sides of the three boxes, matching the points. 

With an X-acto knife or a paper cutter, cut along the drawn lines. 

After that, stick the tops and bottoms of the three cereal boxes with the cello tape, or strong glue.

Then, you can either paint the boxes, or cover them with scrapbook paper. You can also use craft paper to cover them. 

Finally, you can use things like ribbons, lace or other embellishments to personalise and decorate the organizer. 

You can store your books, files, papers, letters or even kitchen utensils like forks, spoons, knives, etc. 

  1. Cardboard Box to A Suitcase

While ordering something online or buying something from the retail stores, we tend to get cardboard boxes, which come in all shapes and sizes. Crafters, helping students with matlab assignment help also talk about using these boxes to make multipurpose organizers. For this project, you will need a simple cardboard box. These are also easy if you have boxes lying around with no idea what to do with them. 

Other craft supplies needed for this project include basic essentials like craft or scrap book paper, small nails, glue, Velcro tape, thin cardboard, ruler, scissors, X-acto knife or paper cutter and paint brush.

How to make the suitcase:

Start by taking a large piece of scrap book or craft paper. Measure the dimensions of the box and cut the paper based on the length of three sides of the box, with an additional space of 1 inch. Similarly, cut the paper according to the height of the box adding an extra 1 inch to the paper. 

Then, glue the paper on the box accordingly. 

Then, cut the corners of the extra paper, which will make it easier to fold and stick to the box. 

After this, fold the craft paper and glue it on the back of the box. 

Next, stick the same paper to the inside of the box. 

Once done, repeat the same steps and cover the lid of the box. The length of the paper should cover all the sides of the lid, in addition to having an excess of 1 inch. Similarly, the height should be that of the lid plus 1 inch. 

Once cut, cover the lid with the pear using glue, and cut the corners of the paper before folding it and sticking it on the inside of the lid. 

Use the same steps to cover the back of the box. The paper should always have an extra 1 inch space, which will be cut from the corner, folded and then glued to the box. 

Then, take a thin sheet of cardboard. Put the cardboard box on top of it and mark the dimensions of the box on the sheet. 

Join the marks and cut the rectangle that you drew on the cardboard sheet. 

Next, cut a piece of paper. This should be 1 inch wider than the cardboard's dimensions. Then, glue the paper on the cardboard. 

Cut the edges of the paper, fold them and glue them on the back of the cardboard sheet. 

Stick the cardboard sheet on the top of the cardboard box using strong glue. 

Use the same steps to cover the bottom of the cardboard box. 

Next, to make the suitcase handle, professionals who provide assignment help in Australia suggest taking 4 decorative nails (Brads), a long thick piece of paper (around 3x10 inches), a small piece of paper (around 3x4 inches) and a cardboard rectangle (1x4 inches). 

Glue the cardboard rectangle in the centre of the larger piece of paper. Fold the paper on it and then stick it with glue, one side after the other. 

Then, glue the small paper on the handle. Once that is done, round off the edges and glue the handle on the box part of the suitcase.

Next, on the sides of the part of the handle that is stuck to the suitcase, make two small holes on each side with the help of a paper cutter, or X-acto knife. 

Pass the decorative nails through the handle as well as the suitcase. 

To close the suitcase, stick two pieces of Velcro to the top and the inside of the lid. 

Your cute suitcase organizer is ready to use. You can store your craft materials, books, important papers or even your stationery in these suitcases. 

In fact, Tony who helps students to buy college essays online also suggest that you can use cardboard as well as cereal boxes to make organizing containers, makeup and jewellery organizers and so much more. The process to make them is not difficult, and the end product is generally amazing. Be it mail boxes, or nail polish organiser, or even a small dollhouse for your child, the possibilities are endless.

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