How to Fix HP Printer Wireless Offline Error?

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Does your HP Printer keep going offline whenever prompted for printing? Yes, the question 'Why is my HP Printer Offline?' can become an issue, leading to printer damage if not sorted at the earliest possible time.

In this blog, we would readily be discussing 'HP Printer Wireless Offline' issue. Most users readily complain about this issue in their printer.


What can Cause Wireless HP Printer Offline Error?


A few reasons for the occurrence of HP Printer Offline Error in a wireless network are-


1. Communication failure because the wireless router may get inaccurately configured by the ISP.

2. MAC address filtering blocks wireless printer because its address may not be in the list of approved devices.

3. Due to a detective wireless router which leads to disability in maintaining signals.


How to Fix HP Printer Wireless Offline Error?


We will be talking about two main methods and their manual steps which will help you resolve the Printer Offline error at ease.


Method 1- Try to Reboot the HP Printer, Wireless Router as well as the PC


Steps for Method 1


1. Get started by turning off the Wi-Fi router. Press the power button and disconnect the power cord.

2. Then, shut the device.

3. Unplug the Ethernet and other USB Cables

4. Now, turn on the router and simply wait for its activity light to be on display.

5. Finally, do turn on the backside of the printer which is connected to the PC.


Now, if Printer Offline error still keeps bugging you and your work, then the next method is for you to proceed to.


Method 2- Wi-Fi Network's Name has to be changed


There are higher chances that changing the SSID of the Wi-Fi network must get your Offline Printer issue resolved.


Steps for Method 2

- Go to the setup page of your router and change the network name.

- Give your router a new name and save the changes

- Reconnect the printer to a new W-Fi network

- In case, your device is text-based and LCD control panel. Then, follow

- Choose Setup> Network Menu and then select Wireless Setup Wizard.


After following the above-mentioned steps, the issue of HP Wireless Printer Offline should be easily resolved.


What is the Alternate Solution to Printer Offline Error?


Another great way to resolve this issue effectively is by trying the HP Printer Assistant Software. This software was especially made by HP to help users tackle common printer related issues.

Or else, simply seek help from highly experienced tech experts at HP Printer Support.


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