Some Incredible Himalayan Salt Lamp Designs for Interior and Exterior

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Himalayan Salt Lamps are super chic and unique that can add life to any space. Are you looking for decoration pieces that could light up your house or office? Well, Himalayan Salt Lamps are the easiest and one of the most reasonable solutions to all your decoration woes. Let us find out how! 

Display Styles and Design Suitable for Interior Decoration

A Himalayan salt lamp can be used in multiple ways to decorate the interiors of any space. 

1.   Himalayan Salt Lamp and Patio Tables

If you have a beautiful patio and do not know how to decorate it, we have you sorted out. Salt lamps light up any space they are kept in. so, why not keep them in your patio? Place some beautiful and lush green plants in your patio to give it an organic vibe. Place two or three salt lamps of different sizes to enhance this vibe. Ideally, these Himalayan salt lamps would look perfect on a small wooden table. 

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 Place the crystal salt lamps adjacent to each other, in one direction, believe us, they will look beautiful. Crystal salt lamps and beautiful plantation is a timeless combination. So, if you want your patio or courtyard to look timeless and classic, this is the best way around. Imagine this! The weather is breezy, and you are sitting in your patio, sipping on your favorite coffee. Your patio reminds you of nothing but a homely courtyard somewhere in Mykonos. Sounds exciting, no? 

2. For a Minimalist Vibe to Your Bedroom

Himalayan Salt Lamps are also a perfect way to decorate your bedroom. We vouch for this display style; it will make your bedroom look better than ever. Buy a pure Himalayan salt lamp in different shapes, for example, a diamond, a circle and a triangle one. Place all three of them on your bedside table with a small clock and a scented candle. Believe us or not, everyone will love the minimalist tinge added to your bedroom. 

Some people love to have their study tables within their bedrooms. And we love the idea! If you do too, you will be head over heels for this display technique. Take a bunch of old, rustic novels and place them on your study table. Top them over one another but not uniformly. The idea is to create a non-uniform edge of novels. Top it with your favorite style of a Himalayan Salt Lamp and see your study table revamp.

These Himalayan Salt Lamps will not only make your bedroom look beautiful but is also good for your health. These rock salt lamps help you create a relaxing and peaceful environment that is absolutely needed in a bedroom. So, say yes to an aesthetic room with a cozy vibe! 

3. Crystal Salt Lamp Display Styles for a Garden

The best part about gardens is that you can decorate them in any way you like and can keep changing their ambiance. But if you want your garden to set a statement upon first look, here is how you can do so. Rock Salt Lamps are a delight that can be used in multiple ways. So, why not decorate your garden with one? 

Choose your favorite shape of a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Once you do, make sure you find a hanging holder of the same size and shape as your rock salt lamp. Hang these holders with your favorite crystal salt lamps in your garden and make it look better than ever. Believe us or not, it is a perfect way to keep your surroundings clean and beautiful. So, get ready to sip on your morning coffee in your aesthetically pleasing garden. 

Come a little forward from your garden to your front door and you will find a need to place some light there too. But what can be a better way to lighten up your main door than some of the best salt lamps? These rock salt lamps will not only lighten up your front door but will also send away any unwanted flies. You can easily find some salt lamp holders at your nearest decoration stores. Chose the color and designs you like, place in some crystal salt lamps and hang them on your front door. 

We dare you to believe us, these hangings look like lanterns that create a magical space for you. Your children will go all Ga-Ga over these! 

4. Let's Add and Experiment with Some Magical Patterns

Crystal salt lamps can also be used to create some magical patterns. You would be surprised, but Himalayan salt lamps are also available in lamp holders with different patterns cut out in them. So, when the lamp lights up, different patterns are created on the wall. You can get these holders in leaf patterns or any other designs you like. 

Crystal salt lamps are also available in bulb forms. Place one in every room and corner of your house to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Similarly, these lamps are available in multiple colors. The multiple colors allow these Himalayan salt lamps to emit colorful lights that everyone loves. Your children are going to be ecstatic! 

Choose your favorite shapes. These rock salt lamps are available in multiple shapes such as spheres, diamonds, seashells, 'Glaciers Mountain', small, gigantic and much more. We are sure you will not have any trouble finding the ones you like. 

So, you can decorate your bedroom, lounge or even your garden with the shapes and sizes of Himalayan salt lamps that you like. Make your teatime even special with mini tea lights made of crystal salt lamps. Similarly, Himalayan Salt Lamp Baskets are also available. These baskets look beautiful when placed on your dining table or simply on a shelf of your home. 

You can order online and make your home look beautiful as ever with rock salt lamps. You can take our word for it, everyone who sees these lamps will be swooning over them. You can add these unique decorations to your house and create a beautiful space with some calm and minimalist tinge to it. 





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