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There is an old saying, practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, activities such as these cannot be learned within a day or two. In order to develop the ability to read faster, you must first know how to read efficiently. In this article, Handy has produced some tips and tricks that will help you speed up the process of reading. However, you also have to make an effort to practice this skill regularly.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips on how to read faster

1. Stop subvocalizing - Stop it! For those of you that don't know what it means, subvocalizing means saying the words out loud in your head while reading. Contrary to your belief, your mind can process words much faster. You can nearly double your reading speed just by stopping the voice in your head.

If you've been subvocalizing since you were little, getting rid of this habit might be tricky but it's doable.

Try to be conscious of it and while you're aware, distract yourself. For instance, try chewing gum or listening to music while you're reading. You can also follow the words with your finger. Try not to backtrack and follow the pace of your finger.

2. Try skimming and scanning the text - This is a bit controversial process. Skimming and scanning demand you to read out only the important bits of the book. This gives you an idea of what to expect when you're reading a text, thereby increasing your reading time dramatically.

However, some avid readers find this repulsive since they are made aware of the spoilers beforehand and don't get to the climax with the same level of excitement.

3. Target phrases instead of words - The average human eye can read up to 9 words at a time! The trick is to look for every fifth word or so, depending on your reading practice. Not only does this help you cover more ground, but this also prevents subvocalization.

It will take time to train the mind to decipher large chunks of information at once, but with a little practice, it is quite achievable. 

4. Avoid re-reading - One of the most popular misconceptions is that re-reading makes it easier to understand. It does when you've finished the entire book and is going for round two. However, if you haven't finished reading and keep on going back to the same set of sentences, you're losing precious time and training your mind a rather negative way. If you want to re-read, make sure to finish the entire book first.

Re-reading doesn't clear the meaning, but in some cases, it further complicates the description. You don't need to understand everything to enjoy a book. If you liked it, read it again, but whatever you do, finish the book in one go before considering the second round.

5. Practice reading more - Everything is a matter of perspective. You might think that setting goals might discourage you from reading since it gives off the impression that reading is a race. Instead, consider that if you set reading goals, you will crave more knowledge and information.


Your thirst for knowledge will know no bounds if you develop your reading skills. With practice, you can go through books in lightning-fast speed. A big thanks to Handy for presenting this valuable information. We hope you will find this list to be helpful on your reading journey.



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