Matthew Davies Discusses Why You Need to Spend More Time Outside

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If you are bound by a 9-5 job, you may not find the time to go out and explore nature. According to Matthew Davies, spending most of your time indoors looking at a computer or TV screen can be boring and make you very stressful. To counter such ill effects, you must find some time to go outside and live in it.

The Reasons

Here are some reasons why you should spend some time outside -

1. It can boost your physical health - According to research, people who spend most of their time indoors feel more exhausted and are at an increased risk of getting fat. If you spend some time outside and do some physical activity, you can lower the risk of heart diseases and reduce your blood pressure.

Being outside in the sun can also help your body to fulfill the reference daily intake value of vitamin D. Thus, it can help you to absorb calcium better and help you to keep your bones strong.

2. It can improve your mental health - If you constantly stay indoors, you will become exhausted and experience severe fatigue. However, if you go outside to take a break, it can help you to relieve your stress and recharge your energy levels as well.

People who don't go outside much can suffer from depression and anxiety. The healing effects of nature are well documented by scientists and therapist alike. Spending as little as 20 minutes per day in nature can help you to rediscover the joy in your life and reduce anxiety.

3. It can increase your creativity - Staying indoors all the time can make you unhappy. When you become sad, your brain automatically shuts itself down. If you are stuck with a problem or want to gain a boost in creativity, trying to go outside more. Exploring nature and help you to activate different regions in your brain which you avoid using normally. This can jumpstart your creativity and help you to find solutions to your problems in a more innovative way.

4. It can help you to feel more connected to the world - Humans are social beings and without much social contact, we can become depressed. That's why introverts who don't have a social life feel sad and depressed. Going outside can help you to meet new people, make new friends, experience the beauty of nature, and feel more connected to mother earth and everything else around you. You will not feel isolated and realize that you are a part of a bigger whole.

Getting outside and meeting new people can also give you more opportunities to expand your career and become more successful in life. If you sit back in the corner of your room, nothing will change if your life.


According to Matthew Davies, spending time outside can help you to rediscover yourself, and take action. It can motivate you to work harder and look at the big picture. So, make it a habit to spend some time outside every day. You can never know how your life may change when you go outside. Every day is a new chance to improve yourself. Staying indoors is not the solution.

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