Web.com Reviews Looks at the Strangest Things Developed in Silicon Valley

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We are living in an era of volatility. Times are changing faster than people can get a handle on what's what. Science fiction is slowly bleeding into reality and it's both exciting and scary at the same time. Some of these inventions are innovative while some are downright weird. Web.com Reviews has compiled a list of such aberrations so try to keep an open mind when reading down the list.

The Things

Here are some of the strangest things developed in Silicon Valley -

1. Surfs up - Favorable water transport may not be a priority in all parts of the world, but places that do require has already seen a breakthrough. Jessica Schiller, an entrepreneur in Oakland has come with the groundbreaking idea of electric water bikes. The rental prices are yet to be decided, but the initial fleet of 25 bikes are soon to make their debut shortly.

Users can access and book the bikes from a dedicated app. Initial services are said to run between Alameda and Oakland with promises of expansion to other regions if the project sees success in the coming years.

2. Soylent - Probably one of the more sci-fi concepts in the list, Soylent was the brainchild of engineer Robert Rhinehart. His vision was to "fix" food and in his quest, he created a substitute said to contain all the nutrients of a traditional meal in a simple drinkable form. Although it faced some initial setbacks because of stories about farts and diarrhea, the project carried on.

With an initial investment of 72.4 million dollars, Robert created a 100-calorie protein bar which was available in different flavors. It's too bad that the project didn't go through because of repeated cases of diarrhea. Ever thought how the world would have turned out if Soylent didn't force you to sit at the toilet for 2-3 hours?

3. The Teenage Tracker - You surely have come across vaping on one of the online forums, YouTube or any other website. It may seem cool, but CDC reports show that Vaping or more commonly known as Juuling(named after Juul Labs) increased the number of e-cig users by 1.5 million in 2017. To counter the bad press, they started tracking down the distribution links by the serial numbers on their sides.

The company is encouraging teachers and adults to confiscate the e-cigs and report the serial numbers to them. The initiative reported a 6.1% reduction in smoking by 2018. The company has been able to undo some of the damage it has done to the youth, but they have largely undone the damage. Juul's might have encouraged the youth into smoking but tobacco remains at the core problem.

4. Face Reading - As if job interviews aren't stressful enough, VCV went ahead and created an AI that monitors candidates via a video call, determining their aptitude based on a bunch of questions and microexpressions. The company's goal is to eliminate any sort of predetermined human bias that could affect the interviewer's judgment.


These inventions are from the future and who knows what else the creators of Silicon Valley have stored in their inventories. Stay tuned for exciting and helpful reviews from Web.com Reviews.

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