Why is My Printer Offline and How to Fix it

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There are reasons for a printer to be offline. A printer usually requires a means of communication, which is the computer. The PC enables the device to read and transmit the information from the hard-drive for the printing function. Hence, when this connection is broken the printer is unable to print out any documents.

So, you could certainly need to get the printer online and only then would the printer function appropriately.


How to Turn a Printer from Offline Status to Online? 


There are could many possible reasons due to which your printer may have gone offline. Don't yet get frustrated because we are here to offer you a set of instructions which will have eradicated the Printer Offline error right from the roots.


1. Open 'Start' and then click on the option for 'Devices and Printers'.

2. This will lead you towards a list of printers which has been presently set on your computer.

3. Then, double-click on the printer icon. Here uncheck the option 'Use Printer Offline'.

4. Clicking on that option will alter the printer action from offline to online.

5. Now, the only thing that you have to do is test the functionality of the printer.


How to Get Printer Offline to Online in Mac? 


So you have a Mac System? And, you also have a printer offline issue? Relax and put your mind into following the instructions mentioned below-


1. Go to 'System Preferences' first

2. Then proceed to Print and Fax control panel. You will find the option under the Hardware category.

3. Simultaneously, you also need to choose the printer which you wish to bring online.

4. Now click on the option for 'Open Print Queue'.

5. Finally, you simply need to select the 'Resume Button'. Following this step will get your printer back online on Mac.


More Methods to Resolve Printer is Offline Issue 


We would suggest you follow all the methods to resolve the offline issue before seeking any technical support. And, we are listing a few more methods which may help you in troubleshooting the issue even effectively.


1. Try to eradicate all the pending printing jobs from the queue.

2. Remove/ Reinstall your Printer

3. Remove and then add the drivers and packages

4. Check for all the connections and make sure that they are well-established and connected.


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