3 Tips For Newbies Before Beginning Online Casino Games

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You can win at online casinos, but beginners in this business are not always lucky: inexperience issues interfere. But these questions are already so well-known that you can easily avoid disappointments on the way to your first jackpot. unless, of course, heed the advice of the sharks of excitement.


Flashy advertising, high search engine ranking, nice design and fabulously generous bonuses. That's all the criteria that beginners usually follow when choosing an online casino. But none of these factors guarantees the main thing - the honesty of the institution. And in this matter, it is best to rely on honest ratings drawn up by the players themselves. They can be found on the forums. On the other hand, you should not look for an institution with exceptionally good reviews: there are always dissatisfied people, and the absence of such feedbacks indicates that they are simply deleted.

It also does not hurt to use the site verification service, which will provide up-to-date data on the domain age and the number of visitors. High performance by these criteria allows us to talk about the credibility of the resource.

Well and the main thing is to study the rules. In almost all online casinos, the list of conditions is impressive, but it is better to spend time once to figure it out. It is recommended to bypass the institution with a high minimum deposit threshold, withdrawal restrictions and objectively inflated wagers.


Well, when the choice of the institution has already been made, you can start playing, but you need to approach the issue with all responsibility. For example, when playing roulette it is more advisable to choose a European rather than an American: in the second case, the percentage of the advantage of the institution is greater. And in French roulette, by the way, even zero is not a complete loss: the player returns with a loss of this sector. There are similar nuances in other classic casino games, and in slot machines, of course.

So, before starting any game, you must definitely study the rules. It is more convenient when they are on the site page, but they can be found in the info tab of the machine.

Many experts recommend that you fill your hand in free slots before playing for money. They can be found both on the casino sites themselves, and in the form of mobile applications, games on social networks, etc. In parallel, it would be nice to watch streams and reviews from experienced players on Youtube: they willingly share their experience, during which you can learn all the details of the game.


Most games in online casinos are slots. There are a great many of them, from free slot animals to spin slots, so in such a variety it's just right to get confused so that this does not happen, you need to look at:

The name of the manufacturer. Well-known developers value their name, and therefore will not release low-grade content.

Percentage return. When choosing between two slots, you should give preference to the one in which RTP is higher. But blindly relying on this factor is also not worth it: it is better to read reviews on slots anyway.

Jackpot. It either exists or does not exist, and the betting strategy depends to a certain extent on this. If the jackpot is provided, it makes sense to play for more serious amounts, since in this case, the main jackpot will fall with a greater probability.

The popularity of the machine. This item applies exclusively to progressive jackpot slots. Choosing games of this format, it is wiser to give preference to the most popular models. Indeed, the more bets are made on the slot as a whole, the faster it will give away the jackpot.

The size of the bets. It is important to combine the moment of pleasure with the moment of profit. With the same bankroll, you can play for a long time and little by little or make several bets, but high. The first option is good for games with a small maximum prize size, the second - vice versa.

Bonus tours. In slots with a bonus round, the main thing is to catch the right moment, and you can win the biggest prizes.

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