5 Reasons Why You Should Try Embroidery as a Hobby

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Nowadays, we never run short of entertainment and hobbies. Technology has evolved in amazing ways, creating countless activities that many people find fun and enjoyable. Social media and mobile games are just some outputs of technology in the previous years. And yes, they have grown big that you'll see most people, young people in particular, have their eyes glued on their smartphones all the time.

While there's nothing wrong with these kinds of entertainment, we discourage our young folks to get themselves constantly engaged in these activities. First of all, when you scroll through your social media feeds all the time, you're putting yourself in the habit of doing mindless tasks which isn't healthy both for your brain and physical body. Next, the learning experience is limited and you're not able to come up with something more productive.

Why not read a book instead, play an outdoor sport, create music with musical instruments or learn how to do embroidery? The first few choices are all familiar to the young ones, but embroidery may sound like a hobby that only your grandma enjoys. While it really seems a bit oldy, it only feels that way because not too many youngsters are into it. But why is it worth to try learning it anyway though you may feel like you're different from your peers? You'll surely be interested after reading this background information about it.

1. It's a great form of art.

You might know how to sew from a young age to do minor repairs on your clothes. That's very basic after all. It's actually one of those daily survival skills that you need to learn if you want to be more economical. Imagine throwing out clothes that only need a little sewing but are totally okay just because you didn't listen to your home economics teacher back then. It's such a waste of money, right? Learning how to sew will indeed come in handy if you want to live a budget-friendlier lifestyle.

Let's take your sewing skills though to a whole new level. Embroidery isn't just about knowing how to use a thread and a needle. It is an art. If painters use paint and canvas as their medium to unleash their creative self and express their thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and individuality, you can regard embroidery as a form of art expression that uses threads to paint a picture.

What's so interesting is that if you know cross-stitch which is apparently a kind of embroidery, you know that the final output you'll be able to come up with would be pretty amazing. That depends though on how well you choose your design and follow the pattern that comes along with it. In cross-stitch embroidery, the finished product looks a lot like a vivid painting. The only difference is that it's made with thread.

Unlike paintings such as oil on canvas though, this artwork isn't too sensitive to some environmental factors like heat and humidity. And so, with proper care, it can last several decades that you can even pass it down as an heirloom to any of your future grandchildren. How cool is that?

2. You can personalize your outfits, bags and other stuff.

Some of us are totally non-conformists that we always want to be different. We don't follow the fads that fashion trendsetters or whoever that may be, bring in each year. We love to embrace our individuality-the person that we are, instead of just going along with the crowd and being a copycat of everybody else.

We want to exude our unique personality in the different aspects of our life-our home, the entertainment that we choose and of course, the way we dress. Wouldn't it be nice to tweak your outfits, bags and other stuff a bit to let it reflect more of your personality? Learn embroidery and you'll definitely never run out of projects because you love personalizing your things.

With advanced technology nowadays, doing embroidery isn't as complicated and tedious anymore as before. You can do it with a portable sewing machine. See the Official Top 5 Review recommendations so you can get started.

3.It keeps your brain active.

Our brain loves enjoying new things. It's definitely up for something you've never done before. It's always looking out for novelty. When you try to take a break from your daily grind and learn a new challenging hobby, you're doing something that stimulates the mind. It keeps your brain active and healthy.

Thus, this helps you to avoid going through health issues like dementia or Alzheimer's in the future. The short-term benefits of trying a new challenging hobby also include avoiding or minimizing the occurrence of brain fog. Doing productive mentally stimulating activities such as embroidery is like investing on your long-term mental health.

4. You can turn this hobby into a business.

How many stories about individuals who have successfully turned their hobbies into a profitable business have you heard already? Perhaps, you've heard several awesome ones. You may be even actively searching these kinds of stories yourself. After all, who wouldn't love doing something they're so passionate about for a living? Most of us would love to.

But to make that happen, you must be careful about falling into the trap of stressing yourself out, thinking unnecessary worries and thoughts and being overly anxious about the future results whether your business will flourish or fail. Why is that so? Well, these things would take away the joy and excitement that you have for doing something that's supposed to bring out your creativity.

The key is to enjoy embroidery as a personal hobby first. Then, when you take your skills to a whole new level, perhaps, to an excellent level, it might just be the right time you decide to turn it into a potentially profitable business. Are you in that phase already but still a bit undecided? Check this out: https://workinmypajamas.com/4-reasons-to-start-an-embroidery-business-at-home/

5. You'll be able to create wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

It's always a sweet and thoughtful idea to create something useful with your hands and give it as a gift to the person who matters to you a lot. Sometimes, gifts like these are even more treasured than something else that you can buy from a shop at an expensive price. Well, it's simply because when you put in effort creating a gift for your loved ones, you're not only investing your material resources or your energy for that but your time as well-a portion of your life that you can never bring back.

How about you? Have you tried embroidery already? What motivated you to start this awesome hobby? Share us your story!


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