Your Autumn Capsule Wardrobe, Sorted

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It's always beneficial when you find staple wardrobe items which never go out of fashion. Not only do you save money and time shopping for new outfit items, but you also get to revisit classic and favourite styles every year. An autumn capsule wardrobe should be equipped with those few essentials which can always be dressed up – or down – with seasonal items.

So which autumn capsule items should you be considering?


For Men

1. Hooded Jackets

A dependable jacket will never go out of style. Particularly in Autumn as you move into the colder months, choosing the right outerwear is an important decision. Hooded jackets are not only practical and stylish but they are also suitable for any weather, whether it's a light shower, heavy rain or just a chilly breeze. stock a great range of outerwear for your Autumn wardrobe.

2. Basics Tees

No man's wardrobe is complete without at least one basic t-shirt.Tees are great items  for any season, as they can be worn on their own, or underneath other layers, ready for any season or weather. Especially during Autumn weather, coupled with a stylish outer jacket and a knit scarf, your look will be complete.

3. Casual Chino

Not only are chinos stylish, but they're comfortable, too. Chinos offer an alternative to tight denim jeans without having to sacrifice on style. Chinos also come in a variety of colours, which means you can add a splash of seasonal colour, or else opt for a basic design and re-use, no matter the season or occasion. Chinos also look great paired with anything, whether it's casual tee or formal shirt.

For Women

1. Ankle Boots

A pair of comfortable ankle boots are the pinnacle of any woman's wardrobe. Especially in the autumn weather, as - when coupled with a pair of tights and knitwear – you have the freedom to create any look with the right pair of boots. For a true timeless boot classic, opt for a lace up ankle boot in leather, perfect for any outfit.

2. Knitwear

Knitwear never goes out of fashion, whether it's a chunky winter jumper, a thin cardigan or a knitted dress. Knitwear is completely adaptable and can add the finishing touch to any outfit – not to mention it's cosy and perfectly suited for the utumn weather. Knitwear makes room for quirkiness, with bold autumnal colours like mustard or burnt orange, or you can opt for plain designs like grey and black.

3. The Classic Handbag

You're always going to need a handbag, no matter the season, so why not opt for one which can be used during any season? A  classic handbag design such as a basic square bag with small handles will see you through any season, and any weather. Opt for a more durable fabric such as leather so that your handbag is ready to face the elements. You can even add seasonal accessories such as brooches or scarves to dress your bag up when needed.


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