How to Bring Canon Printer Offline to Online? Solve in Windows

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Canon is undoubtedly one of the most famous printer's brand available in the market. And, just like any other hardware even Canon Printers can face technical glitches while interacting with different systems.

So, it is common that as a user you may certainly face a Canon is Offline issue on your printing device. There are also certain minor printer issues which can lead up to the printer offline problem.

How to Fix Canon Printer Offline problem?

Here, are a few ways in which you can resolve Canon Printer Offline issue-

METHOD 1- Try to Reconnect Your Canon Printer to Wifi

Before taking help from professionals try to reach out for this method. Reconnect your printing device to the Wifi.

- First, press and hold the Canon printers' Wifi button until you see the Wifi Light blinking.

- Now, you will see the light turn blue.

- When you see it immediately go and head over to the router while pressing its WPS Button.

METHOD 2- Restart Print Spooler

Did you know that the print spooler is actually responsible for managing printing jobs and even sets it to the computer device? We hope that now you know the importance of a print spooler.

- To restart, first press the Windows as well as the R key together.

- When a dialog box appears, type services.msc, and then select Enter.

- In Windows services, select any service and ensure to press the P key until Print Spooler option pops up.

- Right-click on it and select the Properties option

- A general tab will pop on the top, click the Stop button and select ok. This will save all the changes which you just made.

What are the Alternative Methods to Fixing Canon Printer Offline Issue?

Take a look at some of the other methods which you can try if the other two fails to work.

1. Try to disable the 'Use Printer Offline' option

2. Make sure to update the Canon Printer drivers

3. Lastly, untick the SNMP Status Enabled option.

All the above mentioned information, steps and methods should be able to fix the Canon Printer is Offline issue. In case, you find any problem in troubleshooting the issue then do not hesitate to contact for professional help at 'Printer is Offline'.

Get help for fixing printer offline problem in your Canon Printer.

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