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When you engage a manufacturer for "Custom Rigid Boxes," what should be the most convenient Turnaround Time for you? But wait a minute, what exactly is the Turnaround Time?


Well, it is the amount of time given by a manufacturer to complete an order. It starts since you approve the proof(s) of your product(s); at this moment, the real turnaround time starts. The deal is formally finalized between you and the supplier. Now the duration which supplier consumes in the production till the delivery of products to your destination is called Turnaround Time.


I have seen people frequently complaining about the miss commitments in given turnaround time. Continuous delays in shipment of the products, ruin the whole purchasing experience and sometimes cause a big blow to the customer.


How can you secure yourself from such a situation?

Following guidelines is the proven way to avoid such happenings.


1) What is the Most suitable Turnaround Time?

2) Ask for Turnaround Time

3) Production Capacity of the Manufacturer

4) Reasons behind Slow Turnaround Time

5) Ask for a better Carrier


What is the Most Suitable Turnaround Time?


It is your decision. You have to determine how many days you require to receive the product in your hands. It is always better to have some manufacturing lead time in the very beginning; for example, you need the boxes after 20 days, ask the supplier for ten days. As you don't know, there can be any mistake come up, error in the production process, or out of nowhere, a shipment delay can create problems for you. 


Mostly Turnaround times are mentioned on the home page of the vendor's website.


Suppliers will more likely go with their production schedule or will try to work according to their comfort zone. Tell your priorities to them. They will follow your timeline.


Yes, the situation can be different in a particular scenario. If the production order is significant, mighty, then the Suppliers can take more days as they need excessive time to complete the job and ship. So, it is better to be on the safe side. Plan the production with additional days in mind.


Ask for complete Production Plan


Whenever your order is matured, promptly grab the production details from the manufacturer.

Collect the info, i.e., how many days it will take to manufacture your boxes, what will be the exact Turnaround time, etc. Inform beforehand that you are willing to extend the duration of the Turnaround time or not, this will help you a lot.

I have seen a lot of buyers who pay less attention to Turnaround time and don't consider it pivotal. Eventually, they get annoyed. 


Production Capacity of the Manufacturer


Stating the Turnaround time indicates the true Production capabilities of the Vendors. If they have a small set up, they will take more time to produce your products. The vendor with a more competent unit can provide your order on time, and you get a better Turnaround time.


Turnaround time also discloses the real picture of Suppliers; whether they are genuine Manufacturers or they by themselves are outsourcing the boxes, it will be all cleared through the given time.


Reasons Behind Slow Turnaround Time


If the suppliers are not giving you a prudent Turnaround time, they are not proficient enough. Don't waste your time on them, get another one. As, with the latest enhanced capabilities and automation throughout in manufacturing, has well-enabled Suppliers to meet your desired time.


I am not saying that you will get your products within two days, actually it depends. Normally a shipment gets ready between six to twelve days max.


Choose your supplier wisely. Sometimes they also pose as a manufacturer. But usually are trading people or a bunch of middle-men. A facilitator might not be an ideal source to lend your production.

Ask for a better Carrier


My practice to judge the Suppliers is from their choice of Carriers. If they are picking an unknown or insignificant carrier, it means they are low-level Vendors. A good delivery service reveals the rank of Suppliers.


If you notice that it's an unfamiliar Shipping Company, then ask them to catch a better carrier. 


DHL or FedEx are amongst the suitable ones. They have a better aptitude for handling the cargo with sound security measures. They also offer less shipping duration.


Was this blog helpful? If you have any questions concerning the blog or you have any queries regarding custom rigid boxes, mail me. Anytime. Anywhere. I would be happy to provide easy clues. 


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