7 new craft or hobby ideas you can adopt in 2019

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The year has begun and so has increased the craving to do something new and unique. Instead of wasting the time available pursuing creative interests makes you relax and relieves you of any stress. Adopting any new hobby seems the most sensible thing to do at this time. Here we are giving you 6 new craft or hobby ideas you can adopt in 2019.


1. Lettering – Also known as cursive writing or calligraphy this is a very good pastime. With the help of different types of brushes and pens, you can explore your creative side in its full capacity. What's more, once you get comfortable with writing alphabets in different forms you can use it to decorate cards, letters and even wedding invitations.


2. Papercraft- With the increased growth of store shelves, most industries are doing their best to protect their brand identity and here you can use your crafting talent through designing unique food packages for the brands. Pizza store needs pizza packaging, burgers store needs burger packaging and so on, but everyone wants their own design to keep them unique. So, there are a lot of opportunities to turn your paper crafting skill into money.


3. Flower arrangements- Floristry is another creative hobby that you can explore. If you have a beautiful garden you can pluck flowers and arrange them in a manner that it adds up to the beauty of your home. Moreover, once you get the hang of doing it you can start preparing such bunches and either use for gifting or sell commercially.


4. Music instruments- You can learn a musical instrument while you have some free time. The guitar is pretty easy to pick up especially if you find the correct teacher to help you out with it. However, you have to learn how to make sure your guitar is tuned correctly because that is the first step towards having a fruitful association with the same.


5. Origami- A Japanese technique Origami is a creative fulfilling skill that requires precision. You fold paper to create replicas of animals, plants and other forms. Online there are examples of more than thousands of designs that you can make using Origami. Practicing it regularly keeps you focused and improves concentration.


6. Baking and decorating cakes- If you have a foodie instinct in you then cake baking is going to definitely get you some admirers. From mixing the batter to baking and final decorations each kind of tutorials are available online. Once you get the hang of doing so successfully you would be able to create masterpieces in the form of cakes, cookies, and other items.


7. Journaling- Want to put your ideas and thoughts on paper, then why not do it in a systematic manner. Write down all that comes to your mind in a given day and take out all your creative juices. You can either mention everything in bullet forms for you to be able to grasp better later. Or the incidents can be described in a paragraph form with full details.


Letting out your creative ideas and explore your talents is going to keep you motivated enough to survive this year. Pick up any of the ideas which you feel matches your talent level and before you know you would have progressed on the path to success. More than anything such creative pursuits keep you satisfied enough to move ahead in life and that is what is most important at this point of time.

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