How to get Low Minimum Order Quantities for Custom Rigid Boxes?

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Custom rigid boxes are commonly used for a perfect combination of reliability and enduring effect, ranging from premium products to useful gifts.

A wide range of these custom boxes are readily available, but when you need them in small quantities, the main snag arises. Seeking a true cooperative supplier becomes very challenging. Some vendors may produce fewer boxes. It's actually a hard quest to discover them.

Experience in the industry has taught me that nearly 90 to 95 percent of manufacturers do not happily cherish a low MOQ, minimum order quantity. Unless they get a bulk order, their production process doesn't get off the floor.

But what if you're a startup, Solopreneur, you're developing a product or a concept, you want fewer pieces without a doubt. Now the question arises how to find a suitable seller that can make the boxes for you. 

So, how to get the best quote even if you have smaller amounts to order? You should follow the steps below.


1) What is Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

2) How to locate a Seller and demand for a "MOQ"

3) How to bargain with Seller

4) Closing Deal

5) Low Quantity Costs 

6) Raise Quantity


1) What is Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

The first word you learn when buying the boxes is a MOQ. This stands for minimum order quantity. These are the least number of pieces produced in a single order by a Supplier.

When it comes to working with the packaging industry, unless manufacturers get a fair profit, they don't go for any production.

That's why, they consider specific manufacturing units. To get the lowest possible costs, you should be willing to meet the manufacturer's MOQ.


2) How to locate a Seller and demand for a "MOQ"?

Nowadays, search engines such as Google Search are a valuable tool for finding a suitable vendor.

There are specific companies that produce according to the amounts you need. They're not sticking with their standards. First of all, I always like to ask the vendor if he is willing or not to print my bits.

There might be a lot of ways to get in touch with the vendor, let me share a way with you, I use quite often.

It's enough to say as mentioned above. You'd note I've been asking for a quantity from 30 to 1000. Now if the vendor doesn't want to produce 30 units, he / she won't answer or excuse.

You can also submit your desired amount of production to the producer. Real numbers in the question will let vendor realize the significance of your order.

Depending on whether you are dealing with a small supplier or a larger manufacturer, different types of price lists will always be issued by them.

Some rates are going to be received too high; you should ignore them. Some of the numbers are going to be suspiciously low, suggesting that you need a better supplier.


3) How to bargain with Seller?

There are different ways to get a better quote for your preferred boxes even for the smaller quantities.

Let the manufacturer know you are a legitimate company in the start. If you are not regarded by the manufacturer as a legit company, he would probably refuse to quote you. Therefore, I recommend that be confident in your approach.

Play with a great prospect for yourself. Show your credibility to them in business knowledge.


4) Closing the Deal

A Vendor may initially offer you higher MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), but mostly they are very willing to produce fewer units. Make them realize you're a client for a long time.

Upon obtaining an appropriate price, move to bank information and promptly offer to pay the invoice.

Note: Most of the packaging industry's billing practices are 100% upfront.


5) Low Quantity Costs 

Lets order volume requires the same amount of vendor funding that he/she spends on a regular manufacturing process.

Suppose the standard boxes units are 50 pieces. Your required pieces, however, are just ten boxes; the vendor would have to bear the same labor costs that he would have to pay on 50 standard units.

I myself go for a higher price in such situations. Offer a bit higher price to them. For example, if the manufacturer charges $3 per package. I'd likely be paying $3.5 for 20 units.

So, it's about getting to a shared fulfillment level.


6) Raise Quantity

This strategy can be used by having a value of fewer units at first. Then you can get a better quote by increasing the quantity.

I am having a good six-year experience in trading and producing Custom Luxury Boxes, working with some of the highly regarded companies.

You can always contact me by mailing me. I would be more than happy to lend you my experience and services.

And I can help you with the specific needs of your packaging projects.

For more, visit


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