CBN has approximately 40 times higher heat transfer rate

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Compared to aluminum oxide abrasives, CBN grains have twice the hardness, 55 times higher thermal conductivity, and 4x higher the abrasive resistance. These grinding machines are well-suited for grinding high-speed alloy tools, which often cause hardly any thermal harm to cutting edges because of their cool cutting design action, consistent sharp edges without having loss of hardness, increased grinding productivity caused by less downtime, and fewer time important for any gauging or wheel changes.


cbn grinding wheels at, when properly maintained and looked after, provide an almost indefinite lifespan, driving them to a first choice alongside a normal granular wheel this can extreme durability.


Being more difficult than conventional abrasives, CBN resists dulling–stays sharper longer over the grinding process, which leads to a significant improvement in wheel life. It features excellent thermal conductivity characteristics for grinding applications, allowing the high temperature generated in the grinding process to transfer out and out from the grind zone.CBN has approximately 40 times higher heat transfer rate compared to aluminum oxide. Additionally, the thermal diffusivity of CBN is actually two orders of magnitude greater compared to aluminum oxide.


Further work by GE demonstrates that in grinding with aluminum oxide, about 63% of the warmth generated adopts the work piece, while with CBN grinding only 4% enters into the work piece. The study at GE suggests CBN grinding of carburized parts and hardened parts make a difference to additional residual compressive stress towards the part surface. These stresses could possibly be as little as 30% greater to as much as 250% greater than the temperature treated surface stresses.


Less tensile stress plus much more compressive stress equals stronger gear teeth. Therefore, CBN provides excellent wear resistant and thermal transfer qualities which create a very robust grind, beneficial to your surface integrity from the gear tooth and gear.


CBN wheels which can be gained from cbn grinding wheel manufacturers are split into single and multi-surface, but you will have a relatively high processing accuracy, nevertheless the overall efficiency is gloomier. The cost is usually higher. For the multi-surface CBN toothed wheels, the fabrication effect is excellent. But relative on the single one, the processing quality is pretty low. When we use CBN toothed wheels, unique single or multi-surface may be used ceramic grinding wheel or electroplated grinding wheel to become grinding. The effect is incredibly obvious.

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