Writing a Good Essay on Epic Poetry

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Epic poems are poems that narrate about a hero. Anybody can write an epic poem, but ancient Roman and Greek poets wrote the most famous ones. Steps involving writing an epic story may include thinking of a hero. You will be giving a reason why the hero must leave his or her hometown, go for an adventure, and later return home. Follow our suggested steps to write a good essay on the epic poem.

1) Brainstorm An Epic Poem 

You can get ideas on your epic poem is by reading some epic poetry. If you do this, you will gain experience in the format, style, and some features of the essay topic you intend writing. You can source for the epic poem from your school library or public library and online. 

2) Choose Your Epic Hero 

You can create an epic hero by choosing someone like your friend, parents, and celebrity as your hero. In your story, you can make yourself to be the hero. You can as well make your hero fictional in your essay. 

3) Assign A Particular Mission Or Task For Your Epic Hero 

After you might have selected your hero, you should set a unique mission that your hero must accomplish. This is a crucial stage in epic poem writing because it keeps the essay going. To have a great essay think of an extraordinary mission. 

You can name your epic poem after your hero, like Homer's Odysseus - the hero of Odysseus. You can get useful Beowulf essay here to help you with your essay writing. Hire an expert to compose your essay.

4) Create Companions For Your Epic Hero 

Share your hero adventure story with some people. These people will be meet along the journey or have the journey together. Your hero companions may be imaginary or real people. If you make your mom be your hero. Then you might consider her friends as her companions.

5) Decide How To Exile Your Hero From His Hometown 

An epic poem story kicks off when the hero is exiled. Your hero may have to leave his home willingly and unwilling for some reason. You may be stuck at this point, and you can get essay help from an online expert. You have to decide what your hero is exiled for and incorporate it into your essay. 

6) Explain What Happens On The Hero Adventure 

You have to imagine what takes after your hero leaves his home. What he encountered through his adventure. You can make the adventure to be wild, fun, or make him fall in love. 

7) Give An Account On How He Returns Home 

You have to make your hero adventure a success and return to fight for their position. Thus, this is the most exciting part of the essay. His final trial might be at home. 


Literature has classic books that are filled with essays that will give you a better understanding of an epic story. You can write a better essay on an epic poem by reading free essay on Beowulf. These samples can be found online.

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