Most Commonly Used Stethoscopes By Nurses

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Stethoscopes have been used for generations to diagnose various disorders and disorders of the body. Over time, stethoscopes have received a fantastic amount of inventions to provide more functionality, practicality and ease of use. To date, acoustic stethoscopes have been widely used by doctors and other medical professionals around the world to analyze patients. However, hearing weak sounds was a recurring difficulty in all acoustic stethoscopes and their use in noisy environments was almost impossible. When technology changed, it paved the way for a digital stethoscope. A digital stethoscope is much better than the classic acoustic stethoscope because it can improve the body so that it can be heard even in a noisy environment. One of the brands that produces excellent digital stethoscopes is Littmann. A Littmann stethoscope is a quality feature and most doctors and healthcare professionals around the world prefer the use of this digital stethoscope.


Another extraordinary feature of a Littman stethoscope is its ability to record body sounds on a recorder. The Littmann digital stethoscope has an integrated interface and a cable that can be easily connected to the recording device, such as an iPod, an MP3 player or even a laptop. For this reason, it is very convenient for a doctor to reproduce these sounds later for additional assessments or appointments. Another great feature of a Littmann stethoscope is the digital change between the diaphragm and the bell. As a classic acoustic stethoscope, it was necessary to reverse the stethoscope to hear high pitched sounds from the bell side and louder sounds from the membrane side. This does not apply to a digital stethoscope.


A Littmann stethoscope brings many improvements. This digital stethoscope converts sound waves into electrical signals. These electrical signals are amplified and processed to reproduce clear body sounds. This best nursing stethoscope ensures that no sound is lost and the listener hears all kinds of body sounds with immense clarity. This digital stethoscope also has the ability to change the audio level based on the noise volume. For example, you can adjust the noise level of this Littmann stethoscope for muted sounds and reduce the amount of loud noise. A Littmann stethoscope has an immensely beneficial noise reduction. Background noise can be reduced by up to 85 percent, which means you can hear body noise in a very loud and noisy environment.



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