Three Philosophies Underlying the Homework Culture

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Over many years, people have glorified homework a lot. Anyone who dares to suggest its removal from the education system faces too much resistance. The society, as well as teachers, have accepted that it is a way of education. There are many articles on the web and in the mainstream media, advising many on how to do homework. There are different believes associated with it. There are also three philosophies that you cannot ignore. They include a moralistic view of human nature, puritan work, and behavioral practices. Read below to understand.

1) Moralistic views

It is about what society believes about students. The majority will tell you that students are irresponsible and lazy. According to the community, homework culture will help students to be responsible since they cannot study on their own without being observed. There is a belief that unless you coerce them into reading, they cannot work on their own. There is a general assumption by the philosophy that education is distasteful, and tight controls have to be put in place to ensure that students study.

2) The puritan work ethics

It is what society wants their students to be. The community wants its students to be hardworking. There is a belief that one honors God through hard work and as a result, ends up prospering. The puritan's homework philosophy is meant to make the students work hard. They believe that one's character is built by hard work. Though it is painful, they believe that suffering is virtuous. According to puritan, a good student is the one who does his home. Also, a teacher is believed to be good if he makes his students do their homework.

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3) Behaviorism

It is the way society thinks that they can control the students. It is executed by praising and acknowledging something and disciplining, grading, having attendance policies, and even disapproving. If the students are disciplined and don't change, the teacher increases the punishment. A lazy student is given a low grade as a form of punishment.


You cannot remove the deeply rooted culture of homework from people's minds. You cannot even dare question the teachers and the parents about it. The philosophies have made people embrace homework. Society wants students to be responsible and hardworking through homework. No one has the guts to go against it. It is your responsibility to keep up.

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