Instructions on how to hide Wifi on network devices

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Wifi when there are many users, the transmission line will not be guaranteed. Therefore, hiding wifi is the best way for all jobs that use the Internet to be processed fastest.Now, just own a mobile device, you can quickly access the wireless wifi network easily. And because of that ease, the critical drawback of WiFi wireless networks is that they are easily hacked, so the security problem is very weak.Besides, with the increasing demand for wifi, the market today has started to develop applications to share wifi passwords such as universal key wifi, pagoda wifi, and these are all applications. It brings great harm to both the user and the hacked wifi network.Why should hide wifi?Along with the increasing number of applications for hacking WiFi networks, there are major dangers, and manufacturers of wireless network equipment are also struggling to find ways to make their network devices more secure. And one of the solutions given is Hide WiFi network, also known as Hide SSID (original English is "Disable SSID broadcast" - roughly translated as "Disable wireless network name broadcast function"). This is a solution that helps prevent unwanted people (or indeed hackers) from accessing the wifi network, except for the case that they know what the wifi network name is.This Hidden WiFi solution (also known as Hide network access point) will hide wifi wireless network on nearly all network devices. Once agreed to enable this feature, everyone around the network - whether using a computer or a mobile device, will not be able to see the wifi access point to access it. into the. With this method, most operators have successfully prevented cases of hacking wifi networks to use "wifi temple".Instructions on how to hide wifi on network devicesHere are instructions on how to hide wifi on network devices belonging to the network Spectrum, Verizon, Ookla:Step 1 . Before you can adjust the wifi network's hidden settings, you are granted access to the wifi modem, so the first thing you need to do is log in to the wifi modem administrator.Most of the interface of the wifi network modems provided by Spectrum has the same synchronization interface, not to mention some new generation modems that can interface with some more features, basically you will still deliver. Administration interface is almost the same. How to log in to the wifi modem admin: open Google Chrome browser and enter the IP address, login with admin name and password and admin.Step 2. Access to the admin area connected to wifi in the order Network => wifi.Here you will see the SSID Broadcast: Disable sectionStep 3: Then you Save again to finish hiding the wifi.

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